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Oct 29

Charts – 26 October 2014

Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 by Paul in Music

With no fewer than four records appearing on the midweeks but vanishing by Sunday, this is an unusually volatile week.  It’s unlikely that many readers will be that bothered about Bondax’s “All I See”, Hudson Taylor’s “Chasing Rubies”, or Alex Clare’s “War Rages On”, but I suspect more of you would be disappointed if I skipped the other one, so let’s take a rare meander outside the top 40…

44.  The Independents – “UKIP Calypso”

This is a truly bizarre recording by any stretch of the imagination.  UKIP – the UK Independence Party – is a populist anti-EU, anti-immigration policy currently enjoying a surge in the polls.  The actual record consists of former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read, accompanying himself on the acoustic guitar, singing the party’s praises in what he optimistically conceives to be a calypso style.  This entails a somewhat half-hearted attempt at a generically Caribbean accent.


Oct 26

Hell in a Cell 2014

Posted on Sunday, October 26, 2014 by Paul in Wrestling

The WWE are due to announce subscriber figures for the WWE Network again at the end of this month, so you might have thought that this show would have some sort of priority for them.  By all appearances from the card, it doesn’t – to the extent they have a direction going for the main event, it seems to be looking past this show to the next one.

The latest tactic to try and boost Network subscriber numbers is to roll it out internationally.  Intriguingly, it has yet to be made available in the UK (leaving aside the obvious methods that can be used to avoid regional limitations – and a potential nightmare scenario for the company is that it turns out that a large chunk of the potential international audience are already using them, so that the potential for further growth is much less than thought).  The WWE only recently signed a renewed multi-year deal with Sky, so it would be surprising if they hadn’t allowed for the proposed Network launch in its terms.  Another possibility is that they’re trying to launch it in the UK as an actual broadcast channel, something which has worked unexpectedly well in Canada.


Oct 24

Amazing X-Men vol 2 – “World War Wendigo”

Posted on Friday, October 24, 2014 by Paul in x-axis

When last I reviewed Amazing X-Men, in May, it was to cover the first issue collected in this volume – a fill-in story in which the cast of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends hunt a goat – and I wondered what on earth a book which had only just been launched with great fanfare was doing running such a throwaway thing.

But that story at least had a sense of gleeful nonsense going for it.  The five-part “World War Wendigo”, by contrast, is about as mediocre as multi-part X-Men stories get.


Oct 20

Charts – 20 October 2014

Posted on Monday, October 20, 2014 by Paul in Music

Let’s start with some on-balance good news.  Last week I pointed out that the downloads of X Factor live performances are registering in the iTunes chart this year, and wondered whether this might mean they were going to register for the official chart as well.  Which would obviously be a bit of a slog for us.

Well, evidently the decision is that they’re still opting out of the chart – which makes matters rather more amenable for these posts.  It also, of course, puts a bit of an asterisk next to the chart, since we know there’s at least one of these things that would have made the top 20.  But so be it.  It’s a kind of parallel musical world anyway…

35.  Charli XCX – “Break The Rules”


Oct 19

Death of Wolverine

Posted on Sunday, October 19, 2014 by Paul in x-axis

Death of Wolverine is an interesting comic, for a variety of reasons wholly external to the comic itself.  It’s also, to be fair, quite an interesting comic for a variety of reasons that are on the page too.  If nothing else, it’s a book that’s clearly taking its best shot at what many would surely consider a nightmare brief.

This is the first work that Charles Soule has done for the X-books.  He’ll be sticking around for a while, since he’s also writing the upcoming Wolverines weekly, in which a bunch of characters who are very like Wolverine but aren’t Wolverine must fill the void left by his absence.  So in reality, this marks the start of his run on Wolverine.


Oct 13

Charts – 12 October 2014

Posted on Monday, October 13, 2014 by Paul in Music

An unusually top-heavy chart this week – basically dead from 40 through to 21, which must have been a delight for the Radio 1 chart show producers.  It picks up after that.  Well, kind of.

20.  Brian Wilson & Various Artists – “God Only Knows”


Oct 11

Nightcrawler #7

Posted on Saturday, October 11, 2014 by Paul in x-axis

Going by the usual format, our main concern this week ought to be X-Force vol 2, which runs up to this week’s issue #10 (yes, four issues – they’re padding it out with a reprint of X-Men Legacy #300).  But let’s do this first, since not only is it self-contained, but it’s a tie-in to another story.

That story is Death of Wolverine, to which this is an epilogue.  Death of Wolverine is running late, and isn’t finished yet, but that’s no problem, because the only thing you need to know about it is in the title, and so can scarcely be called a spoiler.  While that series (wisely) is all about the “how”, Nightcrawler #7 is only bothered by the “what”.


Oct 7

Charts – 5 October 2014

Posted on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 by Paul in Music

A strong contender for the most predictable number 1 of the year, but there are a couple of less obvious records further down.

36.  Jamie T – “Zombie”


Oct 4

Uncanny Avengers vol 5 – “Axis Prelude”

Posted on Saturday, October 4, 2014 by Paul in x-axis

Uncanny Avengers officially ends with issue #25, though what this actually means is that it gets replaced first by Axis, and then by whatever relaunched version comes after Axis.

Since volume 4 of Uncanny Avengers ran through to issue #22, this presents the collections department with something of a problem.  Hence the unlikely-looking volume 5, “Axis Prelude”, which collects the final three issues of Uncanny Avengers, the two tie-in issues of Magneto (which will also be included in Magneto vol 2), and the entirely unrelated comedy issue Uncanny Avengers Annual #1.


Sep 29

Charts – 28 September 2014

Posted on Monday, September 29, 2014 by Paul in Music, Uncategorized

It’s another very quiet week for new releases.  But we do have a genuine moment of chart history that will live on pub quizzes for years to come.  And here it is now.

33.  Meghan Trainor – “All About That Bass”