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Mar 5

Charts – 5 March 2021

Posted on Friday, March 5, 2021 by Paul in Music

Well, this is quiet.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers Licence”

Eight weeks. As mentioned last week, it’s the longest run at number 1 since the tail end of 2019, when “Dance Monkey” managed 11 weeks. And once again, it’s a long way down to the highest new entry. In the meantime, there’s just a bit of position-switching among the established hits. “Friday” by Riton x Nightcrawlers climbs 7-5, and “Goosebumps” by Travis Scott & HVME climbs 9-8. “Your Love (9pm)” by ATB, Topic & A7S climbs 15-12. “Up” by Cardi B is up one place to 16, “Commitment Issues” by Central Cee up 1 place to 17. We hit a peak of excitement at number 19, which “My Head & My Heart” by Ava Max climbing a whole six places – which is still only the peak that her spring 2020 single “Kings & Queens” reached.

20. Joel Corry x RAYE x David Guetta – “Bed”


Feb 27

Charts – 26 February 2021

Posted on Saturday, February 27, 2021 by Paul in Music

It’s not budging.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers License”

That’s seven weeks. So it’s time to start paying attention to the records. Two records managed six weeks last year: Ariana Grande’s “Positions” and Joel Corry & MNEK’s “Head & Heart”. “Drivers License” now overtakes them both. The next step is a big challenge, though – “Dance Monkey” by Tones & I, which lasted 11 weeks at number 1 in 2019. I don’t see Rodrigo making it that long – she’s had one close call already. But we’ll see.

The rest of the top 3 is static, with “Calling My Phone” by Lil Tjay & 6LACK at 2, and Nathan Evans’ “Wellerman” at 3. And it’s a long, long way down to the first new entry. “The Business” by Tiesto climbs 6-4, becoming his highest placing single since 2014. “Friday” by Riton x Nightcrawler featuring Mufasa & Hypeman climbs 10-7. Remarkably, “Save Your Tears” by the Weeknd continues to climb despite having been available as an album track for months, and now moves 13-11. “Latest Trends” by A1 & J1, which entered at 19 and climbed to 17 last week, gathers momentum by climbing to 12. “Your Love (9pm)” by ATB, Topic & A7S climbs 21-5. Cardi B’s “Up” climbs 22-17. Central Cee’s “Commitment Issues” climbs 23-18. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals climbs 26-23. “My Head & My Heart” by Ava Max climbs 29-25, which coincidentally leaves it one place above “Head & Heart”, still hanging in there months after it left number 1.

28. Ella Henderson & Tom Grennan – “Let’s Go Home Together”


Feb 19

Charts – 19 February 2021

Posted on Friday, February 19, 2021 by Paul in Music

It’s the busiest week on the singles chart for ages. Serenely undisturbed by it all is…

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers Licence”

…which remains number 1 for a sixth week. But it’s close this time.

2. Lil Tjay & 6LACK – “Calling My Phone”

This is the strongest challenge that “Drivers Licence” has had yet – it holds on, but by a margin equivalent to 1,700 sales. That’s beatable. It’s not an obvious challenger, either. Lil Tjay’s only previous appearance in the top 40 was as a guest on Pop Smoke’s “Mood Swings” (number 5 last year) – until now, his own singles have always missed the chart. 6LACK – it’s pronounced “black”, which would be more obvious if it was written in lower case – hasn’t had a hit single in the UK either, though he’s got an album into the top 20. It’s a surprising chart record (or lack thereof) considering that he’s been around for years and has several Grammy nominations under his belt.


Feb 13

Charts – 12 February 2021

Posted on Saturday, February 13, 2021 by Paul in Music

It’s 90s Eurodance chorus recycling week.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers Licence”

Five weeks, without much difficulty.

5. Digga D & AJ Tracey – “Bringing It Back”

Easily the biggest hit to date for Digga D, who’s never previously got above 18. Of course, he’s working with AJ Tracey here, who had four straight top ten hits last year alone.


Feb 6

Charts – 7 February 2021

Posted on Saturday, February 6, 2021 by Paul in Music

Apparently nobody is up for releasing singles in the same week as the Fredo album.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers License”

Four weeks, and it’s still not even close. “Drivers License” has double the points of its nearest competition, and is still getting over 8 million streams a week. “Wellerman” by Nathan Evans featuring 220Kid & Billen Ted climbs 3-2, but it’s not likely to get any further against this sort of competition.

3. Fredo featuring Dave – “Money Talks”
18. Fredo featuring Pop Smoke & Young Adz – “Burner on Deck”
21. Fredo featuring Summer Walker – “Ready”

Three tracks from Fredo’s album “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”, which enters the album chart at number 2. That’s his highest position to date, but only just – his 2018 and 2019 releases both got to number 5. Fredo’s biggest hit single remains his appearance on Dave’s “Freaky Friday”, a number 1 in 2018; his previous best as a lead artist was number 13. It obviously helps “Money Talks” that Dave appears as a credited guest, and he’s an executive producer on the entire album to boot. Still, this seems like a step up in Fredo’s personal drawing power.


Feb 2

Charts – 29 January 2021

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 by Paul in Music

We’re getting back to a normal number of new entries on the singles chart, as the post-Christmas promotional cycle gets back into the swing of things. Whether the records themselves are normal… well, that’s a separate matter.

1 Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers Licence”

Three weeks, and it’s not even close – she beats the number 2 single by three to one. That number 2 track is “Without You” by The Kid Laroi, climbing from 5. And then…

3. Nathan Evans featuring 220Kid & Billen Ted – “Wellerman”


Jan 22

Charts – 22 January 2021

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2021 by Paul in Music

As the charts settle back down to normal, the first new number one of the year is settling in for a residency.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers License”
32. Olivia Rodrigo – “All I Want”

Two weeks. “Drivers Licence” is – deservedly – an enormous hit, coming from nowhere to set new streaming records worldwide. Its streaming total this week was 13.7 million, not a record, but still the highest weekly figure in a couple of years. A couple of weeks ago Olivia Rodrigo was essentially unknown outside the Disney Channel demographic, which makes it all the more impressive. As a spillover, we have a surprise entry into the top 40 for “All I Want”, a track she wrote for Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. It wasn’t technically released as a single but it does have a video and it made the top 100 on streaming when it was released a year ago.

Jan 15

Charts – 15 January 2021

Posted on Friday, January 15, 2021 by Paul in Music

It’s still a quiet week for new entries, but we do have the first big hit of 2021 to deal with.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers Licence”

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. Olivia Rodrigo is a 17-year-old singer and actress who has spent several years as a teen star on the Disney Channel, now breaking with the Disney brand by releasing her first mainstream single. It’s even got swearing! It’s also very good indeed. This is her own song – the only other credited writer is producer Daniel Nigro – and it’s a really strong debut. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that she cites Lorde as an influence.

Jan 9

Charts – 8 January 2021

Posted on Saturday, January 9, 2021 by Paul in Music

This is the strange chart, the one where all the Christmas records vanish simultaneously, and a flood of records rush up the chart to fill the gap. The chart this week contains no fallers at all, and 19 re-entries – relatively few of them are reaching new peaks, and I won’t be mentioning those again, but suffice to say that it’s the sort of week when “You Broke Me First” by Tate McRae, which peaked at number 3 in October, rebounds from number 74 to number 9.

There are, however, quite a few genuine new entries on this chart – mostly the tracks that got swamped out of the top 40 by the Christmas releases, finally making it into the chart.

1. Little Mix – “Sweet Melody”

Jan 2

Charts – 1 January 2021

Posted on Saturday, January 2, 2021 by Paul in Music

This is a little unexpected. This chart period includes Christmas Day, but it also includes the six days following. And normally the Christmas records tail off sharply once Christmas itself is passed. So I assumed we’d start to see the clear out this week. Instead, festive domination continues for a further week, and…

1. Wham! – “Last Christmas”

…”Last Christmas” sneaks a week at number one before the season ends. It hasn’t been a number one before – it was the Christmas number 2 in 1984 behind Band Aid. That’s 36 years ago, setting a new record for the longest time between entering the charts and reaching number one. (The previous record holder was Tony Christie’s “(Is This The Way To) Amarillo”, which reached number 1 as a charity re-issue 33 years after it first charted.)