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Dec 5

Further Housekeeping

Posted on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by Al in Podcast

Paul and I are both seriously snowed under with work at the moment, to the extent that it’s been close to impossible for us to coordinate a time to record, hence our silence this week – our best guess is that we’ll be recording on Friday evening UK time, but it could be as late as Sunday. Bear with us; we’ll be back with you as soon as we can.

Bring on the comments

  1. alex says:

    “Paul and I are both seriously snowed under with work”

    A nod to what I understand is chilly/snowy weather in the UK? (I only say that since I heard there were Scottish Cup postponed due to frozen pitches)

    I hope the delay allows you guys to review stuff from this week, including Avengers #1.

    Love the logo graphic, which seems like an homage to Levitz/Giffen LSH Monitor Board.

  2. errant says:

    every week it’s some excuse or another. slackers! 😛

  3. Al says:

    @alex Actually, that was completely unintentional… We’ll almost certainly be reviewing Avengers, yeah – spoilers: I liked it a lot.

    @errant Shh, man, I’m trying to sleep here!

  4. Zach Adams says:

    A personal question you can feel free to tell me to go to hell for; what kind of law do you guys specialize in? I was just vaguely curious.

  5. Tdubs says:

    I think we are all going to be very happy that this Avengers is every two weeks. Even at 3.99.

  6. Tommy says:

    Zach, they mentioned electoral law once. Got no idea what that actually involves, though.

  7. Al says:

    I’m a construction lawyer, so I do a bunch of different stuff relating to building and engineering projects and the contracts that need to go into place to allow those to happen. I stress for any Edinburgh residents reading this that I had nothing to do with the trams. Paul’s an advocate:

  8. Joe S. Walker says:

    “Advocates wear wigs, white bow-ties (or falls in the case of senior counsel), straps and gowns as dress in court.”

    How about a picture?

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