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Mar 3

House to Astonish – The Alternate Titles

Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2013 by Al in Podcast

Anyone who heard me talk about it a few episodes back or seen the interview with me that went up on the Beat a little while back might remember that I recently discovered the scrap of paper on which I’d written the various names which I’d come up with for the podcast back before we launched.

Having made that list, Paul highlighted a half-dozen or so that he liked best, and we then picked one of those for the name of the podcast.

We figured it might be fun to let you see the full list – we meant to put it up for the hundredth but with everything else that was going on in that episode we totally forgot. So here it is! The ones in italics were the final six, with House to Astonish (obv) being the winner.

  • The Men Without Fear
  • House to Astonish
  • Secondary Mutation
  • Because You Demanded It
  • Heroes for the ’90s
  • Words and Pictures
  • Variant Edition [NB: we didn’t realise at the time that this was already the name of a podcast]
  • The Team-Up You Demanded
  • Graphic Novelty
  • Motion Picture Funnies Weekly
  • The Fill-In Artists
  • Direct Edition
  • In This Issue… Someone Dies!
  • Secret Origin
  • Prestige Format
  • Four Panels
  • Digest Readers
  • Superman’s Pals Paul and Al
  • Squarebound
  • Deadly Hands of Comics
  • World’s Fannest
  • The Panel Show
  • Our Comics At War
  • The Shed of Ideas
  • Meanwhile, Across Town
  • Border Skirmishes

Bring on the comments

  1. Steve Morris says:

    Should it be Paul & Al, or Al & Paul? Let the debate begin!

  2. Deadly Hands of Comics is my favorite!

  3. Al says:

    Steve: It’s Paul & Al, so it rhymes. A lot of thought went into this stuff, man.

  4. Brian says:

    I’m a little surprised to not see “The Official Handbook to the Official Handbook” as a podcast title idea!

  5. kag says:

    Good to see “Shed of Ideas” is still available. I’ll launch once I decide what color to paint it.

  6. nondeskript says:

    My favorites (other than HoI) are Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly and In This Issue… Someone Dies!

    They would have been terribly confusing names for attracting new listeners, but both made me laugh out loud.

  7. nondeskript says:

    Did I say HoI? I meant HtA…

  8. chief says:

    Man I miss seeing Heroes….. FOR THE 90’s!!!! on everything. That got a legit LOL out of me.

  9. Billy says:

    I’d see “In This Issue… Someone Dies!” eventually getting shortened to either “In This Issue…” or “Someone Dies!”

  10. Mo Walker says:

    Al and Paul should do a ‘What If’ episode of the podcast and use one other names. The podcast could also use thou

  11. moose n squirrel says:

    I’d listen the crap out of Deadly Hands of Comics.

  12. Rob Wilson says:

    I’m amazed TBA wasn’t on the list. That guy is practically synonymous with comics. 😛

  13. Mo Walker says:

    Al and Paul should do a ‘What If’ episode of the podcast and use one other names. The podcast could also explore some of the show’s alternative features.

  14. evilshandie says:

    I simply LOVE “Meanwhile, across town”

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