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Jun 17

Charts – 14 June 2015

Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 by Paul in Uncategorized

Look, Britain, it was nice when you gave Jason Derulo a second week at number 1, because it kept up this year’s trend for a slow turnover at the top.  But three, Britain?  Really?

34.  Ed Sheeran – “Photograph”

One of those late-in-the-promotional-cycle singles that exists mainly to remind people that Ed Sheeran still has an album on sale, though it’s going to climb next week.  Apparently the video is a genuine compilation of home videos from his childhood.

30.  Rudimental featuring Foy Vance – “Never Let You Go”

In one of those segue-friendly coincidences, here’s the chart debut for Ed Sheeran’s support act, Irish singer Foy Vance.  He’s the guest singer on the second single from Rudimental’s upcoming second album “We The Generation”.  This one’s going to climb too.

21.  Rixton – “We All Want The Same Thing”

Diminishing returns, though to be fair, it is the fourth single from an already-released album.  Still, Rixton’s debut “Me and My Broken Heart” was a number 1 in Britain and had a degree of success internationally, but they haven’t made the top 10 since – “Wait on Me” only got to 12, and “Hotel Ceiling” failed to chart.  I’m assuming it was a limited release or something, but it’s got a video, so it can’t have been that limited.  Their international profile seems to have tailed off too.  The actual single could easily be Maroon 5, and you’d think there’d be space in the market for another band like that, but Rixton don’t seem to be filling it.

14.  Zedd featuring Selena Gomez – “I Want You To Know”

This is actually pretty good once it gets going, though there’s a fairly generic first minute before you get there, and it’s still ultimately a good rendition of the tried-and-true EDM-pop formula.  Selena Gomez may have the higher tabloid profile, but German producer Zedd is arguably the bigger draw in chart terms, given that his single with Hayley Williams, “Stay the Night”, got to number 2 last year.  This is actually a Ryan Tedder song, but not quite so instantly recognisable as usual.  Gomez has had a couple of scattered records make the lower half of the top ten, but she’s never really succeeded in converting her profile to consistent sales in this country.

8.  Walk The Moon – “Shut Up And Dance” 

Walk The Moon are from Cincinnati and this is the track that elevated them to one-hit wonder status in the US.  That was months ago, but naturally the British label has chosen to sit on it for ages.  It’s very eighties guitar pop, which the video is clearly happy to play up to.  A skim of their other videos suggests it’s pretty typical of their style, but it’s the one where they hit on the killer chorus.  The midweeks have it climbing, which is nice.

Sadly, it has nothing to do with early nineties act Shut Up And Dance, who reached number 2 in 1992 with the unlikely Marc Cohen cover “Raving I’m Raving” (and also made the rather better “Autobiography of a Crackhead”).

1.  Jason Derulo – “Want To Want Me”

This is the first time he’s lasted three weeks at the top, so in chart terms it becomes his biggest hit.

On the album chart:

  • “Drones” by Muse at 1.  Their fifth straight studio album to go to number 1 (a couple of live albums fell short).  Like many bands of their vintage, they don’t need singles any more; “Dead Inside” got to 71.
  • “Alternative Light Source” by Leftfield at 6.  Leftfield were a hugely influential production duo who released two albums back in the 90s, probably best remembered for “Open Up” (the one with John Lydon) and “Phat Planet” (the one from the surfer advert).  It’s now a solo project by Neil Barnes, and this is the first album under the Leftfield name this century.  Single: “Universal Everything”.
  • “Sticky Fingers” by The Rolling Stones at 7.  A remastered version of the number 1 from 1971, with a bunch of other stuff thrown in.  Single: an alternative version of “Brown Sugar”.
  • “Beneath The Skin” by Of Monsters & Men at 10.  The follow-up to “My Head Is An Animal”, which got to number 3 three years ago – but then, it had “Little Talks” on it.  Single: “Crystal”.
  • “The Very Best Of Glenn Miller” at 16.  I can only assume this is being discounted somewhere, because it’s the same album that got to number 4 five years ago.  Miller died in 1944, but that hasn’t stopped his back catalogue charting in twelve different compilation permutations over the decades.  Sample: “Pennsylvania 6-5000”.
  • “FFS” by FFS at 17.  It’s a collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks.  Single: “Johnny Delusional”.
  • “Ones And Zeros” by Young Guns at 21.  Rock band from High Wycombe.  It’s their third album, and lands at about the same position as the previous one.  Single: “Daylight”.
  • “Cauterize” by Tremonti at 23.  The second album from the modestly named band formed around guitarist Mark Tremonti, who was also a member of Creed and Alter Bridge.  (You know, Alter Bridge.  They did Edge’s theme music.)  First time they’ve charted.  Single: “Another Heart”.
  • “Pete Townshend’s Classic Quarophenia” by Pete Townshend, Alfie Boe, Billy Idol & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at 32.  Oh yes.  This is a real thing.  There’s a minor kerfuffle about whether it should have qualified for the classical album chart (in which case it would have been number one); the chart compilers say no, essentially because once they start allowing classical-style covers into that chart, it’ll be non-stop Collabro.  Single: “Love Reign O’Er Me”.

Bring on the comments

  1. Taibak says:

    Not sure I’d call Walk the Moon one-hit wonders over here, but it looks like ‘Anna Sun’ didn’t chart as high as I thought. Some US stations played the hell out of it though.

  2. Kenny says:

    In Indianapolis, only one station played “Anna Sun”…but good luck finding a station that DOESN’T play “Shut Up and Dance.” That song seemed to really get popular about a month ago, even though it had been out for a few months!

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