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Aug 24


Posted on Monday, August 24, 2015 by Paul in Uncategorized

Various things have kept me from doing any full length posts over the last week (and probably will for the next few days too).  At least two of those things involve plans for things that are coming up in the future, though, so stick with us.  In the meantime, here’s where we stand on blog content:

The X-Axis remains effectively on hiatus, due to everything being in mid-arc until Secret Wars ends.  The exception to that is Magneto, which ought to be wrapping up sooner or later.  And since Jeff Lemire is coming aboard, I thought I might do the first arc of Descender, if time permits.

The Chikara posts remain on their as-and-when non-schedule.

The chart posts are going down to a once-a-month-or-thereabouts roundup of number ones and other particularly notable stuff, because there’s really not enough going on on the singles chart these days to make a weekly post worth the time it takes.

And, because a surprisingly large number of people said they’d read it, a series of posts on British pre-school children’s TV is coming.  Look for a prologue post in the next week or so.

Bring on the comments

  1. Odessasteps says:

    I’d be interested in seeing you and/or Al talk about the NXT special if schedule permits. And if either would consider going to the nxt house show in glascow

  2. BringTheNoise says:

    I was considering NXT in Glasgow until I checked the ticket prices.

  3. The end of Magneto was… interesting. I’ll give it credit for maintaining the book’s overall tone, and digging deep into X-Continuity.

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