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Jan 25

Charts – 20 January 2017

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 by Paul in Music

To be honest, it’s a pretty quiet week, now that all the corrections from last week’s recalibration are out of the way.  But let’s get it covered anyway.

1.  Ed Sheeran – “Shape Of You”
2.  Ed Sheeran – “Castle On The Hill”

Predictably, Ed Sheeran’s two singles remain locked at number 1 and 2 respectively.  “Shape of You” still has streams above the 10 million mark.  Interestingly, it’s “Castle On The Hill” that now gets a proper video, perhaps because “Shape” doesn’t need the help, or perhaps because “Castle” is more of a teenage nostalgia story, and makes for a better video.  Particularly when he’s doing the “and here’s what my friends are doing now” bit in the last verse.

4.  Jax Jones & Raye – “You Don’t Know Me”

Climbing 5.  Oh, and there’s now something closer to a proper video, compared to the animated graphic we had last week.  The cheap live video is something of a YouTube staple these days; this one starts turning into more of a conventional performance video as it goes on.  Perhaps these things are starting to mutate in the same way that lyric videos did.

7.  Starley – “Call On Me” 

Up 1 place.  Not much more to be said about that.

10.  The Chainsmokers – “Paris”

These guys are becoming a regular feature.  This is their third top ten hit.  They were still milking their last album for singles as recently as October (when “All We Know”) got to number 24, but this one is new.  It’s another one with Andrew Taggart doing his own lead vocals.

16.  Machine Gun Kelly & Camilla Cabello – “Bad Things” 

Up seven…

21.  Sean Paul featuring Dua Lipa – “No Lie” 

…up seven…

27.  Robin Schulz & David Guetta featuring Cheat Codes – “Shed A Light”

…and up five.  Again, there’s not much to be said about any of these.

32.  Sage The Gemini – “Now And Later”

His first solo hit.  It’s not technically a debut hit, because he guested on “G.D.F.R.” by Flo Rida back in 2015, but it’s a chart debut in practical terms.  It’s taken nearly two months to climb to this point, but there’s at least some momentum there.  There’s an odd promotional campaign for this one: they included it in a Snapchat filter.  Which is novel, at least.

34.  The xx – “On Hold”

This is a re-entry – “On Hold” spent a single week at number 38 in November, before the video was even released.  It’s presumably back now because the album was released this week – it’s at number 1 – and this remains the official single.

37.  Migos – “Bad and Boujee”

This was a number 1 in the US, where viral tracks have the advantage that YouTube streams count towards the chart.  (The OCC doesn’t count them towards the UK chart, which seems like an obvious major shortcoming that’s going to have to be addressed at some point.)  Migos are a trio, and this is their first UK hit.  “Boujee” is short for “bourgeois”, if you were wondering.

On the album chart, where the new entries are top-loaded:

  • “I See You” by the xx is number 1.  It’s their third album and their second to make number 1 (the other being “Coexist” – their self-titled debut got to number 3).  We’ve already had the single.
  • The La La Land soundtrack is number 3, because “original cast” counts as one artist, and escapes banishment to the compilation chart.  Here’s the version of “City of Stars” from the film.
  • “Migration” by Bonobo is number 5.  That’s a big improvement from his previous album, 2013’s “The North Border”, which just made the bottom end of the top 40.  Single: “No Reason”.  Clever video.
  • “Piano Portraits” by Rick Wakeman is number 7.  His first appearance on the album chart this century, and his first top 10 solo album since “No Earthly Connection” in 1976.  It’s a piano covers album, basically.  Here’s “Help”.
  • “Godfather”by Wiley is number 9.  Perversely, just as Wiley stops having hit singles, he starts having hit albums – of the previous ten, only 2013’s “The Ascent” even made the album top 40, and that only managed number 26.  Single: “Can’t Go Wrong”.
  • “Oczy Mlody” by the Flaming Lips is number 39.  Boy, it feels like a long time since these guys were the flavour of the month.  Single: “How??”

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