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May 16

Charts – 12 May 2017

Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 by Paul in Music

I’ll start catching up on reviews in the next couple of days.  But first…

1.  Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber – “Despacito (Remix)”

So this is the fifth week running that the number one slot has changed hands.  That’s a bit more like it, even if the chart further down remains decidedly sluggish.  “Despacito” entered at 22 two weeks ago and climbed to 4 last week.  Until now the chart has been listing the original version, but the bulk of UK sales and streams have been of the version with Justin Bieber.  So the label has now officially designated that version as the lead version of the track, which means that Justin gets his credit – though in practice the chart compilers are still counting all versions towards this placing.

Bieber was also number one last week, as a guest on DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One” (which drops to 2.)  If you want to count guest shots, that makes this the second time he’s replaced himself at the top – which hasn’t been done before.

Despite the remix, there’s still a lot of Spanish in this track, making it the first foreign-language number one since “Gangnam Style” five years ago.  The last number one in Spanish was “La Bamba” in 1987.  Yes, “The Ketchup Song” had a week in 2002, and no, it doesn’t count, because the version released in the UK was a mixture of English, Spanish and gibberish.  (The chorus isn’t Spanish; the joke is meant to be that it’s a mangled version of “Rapper’s Delight”.)

Right, let’s bash through a bunch of climbers now.

5.  Shawn Mendes – “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”

Up 2, after spending a fortnight stuck at 7.  It’s now his biggest hit since “Stitches” reached number 1 in 2015.

8.  French Montana featuring Swae Lee – “Unforgettable”

Up four.

12.  J Hus – “Did You See”

Up another five.  It’s been climbing from the lower reaches every week since the end of March.

16.  Charlie Puth – “Attention”

Up fifteen, so it looks like the slow start last week was nothing for him to worry about.

23.  Disciples – “On My Mind”

This is making painfully slow progress – 34-31-28-27-23 – but it’s progress nonetheless.

24.  Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato – “No Promises”

Up another two.

25.  Niall Horan – “Slow Hands”

Highest new entry!  Niall Horan was in One Direction.  You might remember his debut single “This Town”, which made number 9 last autumn – and, to be fair, hung around the top 40 for two months.  Still, there’s no doubt that we’re a notch below Harry Styles on the priority level here.  There’s something weird about the production on this thing, which is trying to be somewhat gritty, but feels like there are some really abrupt edits on Horan’s vocal that don’t fit with the tone at all.

29.  Jonas Blue featuring William Singe – “Mama”

We’ve seen Jonas Blue three times before.  This is the first chart appearance for William Singe, who started off as a member of the Collective, an Australian boy band who came third in the local version of X Factor in 2012. There’s nothing much here to surprise anyone who’s heard Jonas Blue before.

40.  Kyle featuring Lil Yachty – “iSpy”

Scraping a new entry by climbing from last week’s 41.  Kyle Harvey is a Californian rapper who was of no particular commercial significance until this track made the American top 5.  He is only the second Kyle ever to make the top 40, the first being Kyle Falconer, who guested on Mark Ronson’s “The Bike Song” in 2010.   Lil Yachty has actually charted before, as a guest on Charli XCX’x “After The Afterparty” last year.

On the album chart, Ed Sheeran is not number one any more either!

  • “For Crying Out Loud” by Kasabian at 1.  Their fifth number one, and proud bearer of one of the worst record covers ever seen.  Single: “You’re In Love With A Psycho”.
  • “Pollinator” by Blondie at 4.  Their highest place since re-forming – in fact, their highest since “No Exit” reached number 3 in 1999.  Single: “Long Time” (which is, um, rather obviously in the shadow of the hits).
  • “Lovely Creatures – The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds” at 8.  Self-explanatory.  Here’s their only top 40 hit single, “Nature Boy”.
  • “Slowdive” by Slowdive at 16.  Yes, they’re back.  They were last in the album chart in 1991 when “Just For A Day” managed a week at number 32.  Single: “Sugar For The Pill”.  (It’s pretty good, but boy, that’s a video aesthetic I thought had gone out with the ITV Chart Show.)
  • “Lost On You” by LP at 17.  That’s singer Laura Pergolizzi, not to be confused with rapper El-P.  This is her fourth album but the first to make any headway in the UK.  Title track.  (Which is good.)
  • “Everybody” by Logic at 20.  The rapper, making his first appearance on the album top 40.  (His previous album stalled at 47.)  Single: “Black SpiderMan”.  No hyphen.  The monster.
  • “This Old Dog” by Mac Demarco at 21.  Marginally higher than the number 24 placing of his previous album.  Single: “One More Love Song”.
  • “From A Room – Vol 1” by Chris Stapleton at 22.  Country.  This has glowing reviews, I see.  It’s his first chart appearance.  The entire album seems to be on his YouTube channel, so let’s take the track with the most country-sounding title: “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning”.
  • “Inter Alia” by At The Drive-In at 30.  They re-formed last year after a 16-year break.  Their only previous chart appearance was with their (hitherto) final album “Relationship of Command”, which made number 33 in 2000.  Single: “Hostage Stamps”.
  • “Turn Up The Quiet” by Diana Krall at 32.  Canadian jazz singer.  This is surprisingly low for her – she hasn’t missed the top 30 with a regular studio album since 1999.  Here’s “L-O-V-E”.
  • “Into the Woods” by Hawkwind at 34.  Still going!  They’ve started scraping the bottom end of the top 40 again since the album chart went into decline – before that, they were absent from the top 40 from 1982 until 2016.  Single: “Have You Seen Them” (and I take back what I said about Slowdive’s video – this is something else).

Bring on the comments

  1. Joe S. Walker says:

    Worst album cover of all time? I nominate “Hoodoo Man” by Birth Control, from 1972.

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