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Jul 31

Charts – 28 July 2017

Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017 by Paul in Music

Ah.  This looks familiar.

1.  Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber – “Despacito”

Returning to number one for a third run, giving it a total of ten weeks.  Last week, “Despacito” was hit by the new chart rule which downweights the streams of records which have been on the chart for at least ten weeks (“Despacito” has now been here for 15) and which peaked at least three weeks previously.  Even with that handicap, it was only marginally beaten by DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts”, and now it regains the top spot.  This is a bit embarrassing all round.  If “Wild Thoughts” didn’t have an asterisk next to it as a legitimate number one before, it certainly does now.  Returning to number one twice is rare, but not totally unheard of in the modern era; Justin Bieber did it in 2015 with “What Do U Mean”, and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams managed it too.

Nothing of note in the rest of the top ten.  “Power” by Little Mix climbs from 8 to 6; “Pretty Girl” by Maggie Lindemann climbs 9 to 8.   “Sun Comes Up” by Rudimental featuring James Arthur climbs 16-10, which makes it Rudimental’s biggest hit since “Bloodstream” in 2015.  And “Crying in the Club” by Camila Cabello is up from 13 to 12.

13.  Louis Tomlinson featuring Bebe Rexha & The Digital Farm Animals – “Back To You”

This is the second solo chart appearance for One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, the other being “Just Hold On”, his collaboration with Steve Aoki, which reached number 2 at Christmas.  Bebe Rexha has had four “featuring” credits but has yet to chart under her own power; even so, she’s clearly got far more charisma than Tomlinson and I’m not convinced that this pairing does him any favours.   Oh yes… the Digital Farm Animals.  That’s a songwriter and producer by the name of Nicholas Gale, and he’s signed to Simon Cowell’s label.  He charted once before last year, when he and Cash Cash took a version of “Millionaire” to 25.

Tomlinson signed to Doncaster Rovers as a developmental player in 2013-14 in what was presumably a publicity stunt; he did actually play a few charity games for their reserves, but that’s about it.  At any rate, that accounts for the otherwise baffling decision to film chunks of this video on the Doncaster pitch; something tells me they’ll make a different edit for the internaitonal market.

14.  Linkin Park – “In The End”

Originally a number 8 hit in 2001, this is here following the suicide of singer Chester Bennington.  It’s not actually their biggest UK hit – “What I’ve Done” managed a week at number 6 in 2007, and also hung around the chart for longer – but it’s clearly seen as the signature hit.  “Numb” is at number 20 in its original version, which got to number 14 in 2003 – I don’t think that includes the version with Jay-Z, which has hitherto been listed separately on the grounds that it has a different artist credit, so there might be some vote-splitting going on there.  The albums “Hybrid Theory”, “One More Light”, “Meteora”, “Minutes to Midnight” and “A Thousand Suns” re-enter the album chart at 4, 5, 7, 15 and 38 respectively.

“Know No Better” by Major Lazer featuring Travis Scott & Camila Cabello climbs 17-15.

16.  Enrique Iglesias featuring Sean Paul & Matt Terry – “Subeme La Radio”

This reeks of desperation.  Not the video above, mind.  The video above is for the original version of “Subeme La Radio”, by Enrique Iglesias featuring Descemer Bueno and Zion & Lennox, a perfectly decent Spanish/Puerto Rican hit.  For audiences freaked out by Spanish – even though “Despacito” remains flavour of the month(s) – there’s a Spanglish version which splices in Sean Paul.  That’s rarely a good move, but it’s the sort of localisation that’s becomes relatively standard for non-English tracks with aspirations to cross over to the Anglophone market.

In the UK, however, the label goes a little further and shoehorns in a verse by Matt Terry, the winner of last year’s X-Factor.  This is his first chart appearance since his winner’s single and it seems an odd choice, to put it mildly.  Now, true enough, the guest appearance is a fairly common starting point for a new singer – and it’s not like winner’s singles really count.  But they tried this with 2015 winner Louisa Johnson, who had a respectable top ten debut on Clean Bandit’s “Tears”.  Not much has come of it; her three solo singles reached 13, 48 (!) and 32.  Her contractually obligated winner’s album has yet to appear and the whole thing is starting to look troubled.  It’s not something Matt Terry should be racing to emulate.

“New Rules” by Dua Lipa climbs 36-19, which is surprising for a single that comes along after the album was already out.  And “Chasing Highs” by Alma moves 25-24.  And below that, nothing of note.

On the album chart, aside from the aforementioned Linkin Park re-entries,

  • “Lust for Life” by Lana Del Rey is 1.  Her third number one album (2015’s “Honeymoon” could only manage 2).  The title track reached number 38 in May.  Incidentally, last week’s number 1 – “Night and Day” by the Vamps – proves to be an extreme example of a fanbase record, crashing to 35 in week two.
  • “Crooked Calypso” by Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott is 2.  This is the third album by the former members of the Beautiful South; all of them made the top 4.  Single: “I Gotta Praise”.
  • “Flower Boy” by Tyler the Creator is 9.  First time he’s made the top 10.  The single “Who Dat Boy” is here, but to be honest I took one look at the still (which features somebody else’s face being sewn onto his) and decided not to watch it.
  • “Raskit” by Dizzee Rascal at 10.  His first album in four years and a return to the days when he wasn’t blatantly chasing hit singles.  Predictably, the result is that he hasn’t had any from this album, but his credibility will have had a much-needed boost.  Single: “Wot U Gonna Do?”
  • “What Do You Think About The Car” by Declan McKenna at 11.  Debut album.  He’s a teenage songwriter who won Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition two years ago.  Single: “Brazil”.
  • “Wins & Losses” by Meek Mill at 21.  He’s a rapper.  His 2015 album got to 13, but 2016’s “DC4” missed the album top 40.  Officially, though, that wasn’t an album, it was a mixtape.  Single: “Whatever You Need”.

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