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Aug 27

Charts – 25 August 2017

Posted on Sunday, August 27, 2017 by Paul in Music

And there was me thinking “New Rules” might have sneaked a week at number one between bigger hits.

1.   Dua Lipa – “New Rules”

Second week, which is a bit of a surprise, but quite welcome.  It’s number one on streaming, but only number 3 on sales.

2.  Justin Bieber & BloodPop® – “Friends”

The week’s highest new entry is… not the sales number one either.  It’s actually 4 on sales and 6 on the streaming chart, but the top end of the streaming chart is clogged with long-running hits that get downweighted on the top 40 proper.

Justin Bieber now has four singles in the top 10 – mostly as a guest, which is why he isn’t caught by the three-song cap that was introduced earlier in the year.  He’s also on the UK release of “Despacito” at 7, David Guetta’s “2U” at 38, and DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One” at 39.   Bloodpop® – I know, I know – is producer Michael Tucker, getting his first chart credit.  He’s worked with Bieber before and had a big hand in Lady Gaga’s last album.  The record is above-average EDM pop, I guess.

Number 4 is “What About Us” by Pink, climbing one place.  She spends a second week at number one of the sales chart, but she’s still lagging badly in streams – the streaming chart has her at 28.

4.  CNCO & Little Mix – “Reggaeton Lento”

In which Simon Cowell hurls himself full force at a passing bandwagon.  Taking a Spanish-language hit and nailing on an English-language verse by a familiar name worked just fine for “Despacito”, and did okay for “Subeme La Radio”, where Cowell already bolted on some Matt Terry for the UK release.  But it turns out that Cowell has a Spanish-language boy band of his very own.  CNCO were the product of 2015’s Univision show La Banda, as promoted by Ricky Martin and you-know-who.  The band are signed to Sony Latin, and they’ve had a respectable career so far in their target markets.  But now the door seems to be open for Spanish language pop, so behold, here’s a year-old track polished up with a bit of Little Mix.

In the hybrid version, there’s a lot of Little Mix, and a fair amount of CNCO themselves singing in England.  They’re based in the States, so you can see why Cowell might figure there’s an opening here to get them into the Anglophone market.  There’s no video for that version, though, so you can enjoy the original above (which is much better).  In this form, it was indeed a big hit in Latin America (and Spain), so you can see why someone might think the time for international promotion has come.

“Mi Gente” by J Balvin & Willy William climbs 12-8, and “More Than Friends” by James Hype featuring Kelli-Leigh moves 16-10.  “Bestie” by Yungen featuring Yxng Bane moves 21-18.

21.  Chris Brown – “Questions”

Questions such as “how is Chris Brown still going”, I suppose.  It’s been a couple of years since Chris Brown was in the chart.  This is the third single from his upcoming album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”; the first two didn’t chart, so evidently this one has some appeal beyond the brand name.

“Praying” by Kesha climbs one more place to 26, and “More Than You Know” by Axwell /\ Ingrosso is up 38-33.

36.  Macklemore featuring Skylar Grey – “Glorious”

That’s a name we haven’t seen in a while.  The album with “Thrift Shop” on it came out back in 2012, though he got three top ten hits out of it in 2013.  He did have a number 11 hit with “Downtown” in 2015, but now we’re on to the lead single from another album.  Ryan Lewis is no longer involved.  Skylar Grey similarly hasn’t turned up in the chart since she appeared on a David Guetta track in 2014.

Apparently that’s really his grandmother in the video, though I’m politely sceptical about any video which claims to be “we just went out and filmed whatever”.

37.  Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug – “Havana”

Just as “Crying in the Club” drops out of the chart.  She’s also on Major Lazer’s “Know No Better”, currently at 22.  Obviously, it’s a “pride in my Cuban heritage” thing.

On the album chart, a very busy week.

  • “÷” by Ed Sheeran remains at number 1 for its 17th week.
  • “To The Bone” by Steven Wilson is 3.  The fifth studio album by the former frontman of Porcupine Tree, but the first time he’s made the top 10. Despite his prog-rock reputation, “Permanating” is practically “Mamma Mia” at points.
  • “The Peace and the Panic” by Neck Deep at 4.  They’re a Welsh indie band.  This is their second album, and both have made the top 10.  I was going to say that single “In Bloom” is the indiest thing I’ve seen in a while, but then I got further down this list…
  • “A Fever Dream” by Everything Everything at 5.  Their third top ten album.  Don’t remember them being quite this dance-ey.  Single: “Can’t Do”.
  • “Live For The Moment” by The Sherlocks at 6.  This is indier than Neck Deep.  Title track.
  • “Tribe” by Chase & Status at 7.  Interesting that these guys have graduated into being an album act.  It’s their third top ten album.  Single: “Know Your Name”.
  • “Painted Ruins” by Grizzly Bear at 14.  More indie rock, and this is their highest chart posiiton to date (just).  Single: “Neighbors”.
  • “The Road – Part 1” by Unkle at 16.  Their first album in 7 years, and the first to chart since 2003.  Title track.
  • “This Life – Vol 1” by Coasts at 17.  And more indie rock.  Their previous album scraped the top 40, so this is a step up.  Single “Take Me Back Home” is quite earnest.
  • “Turning Tides” by Wildwood Kin” at 37.  Americana-influenced band from Exeter.  Single: “Taking A Hold” is quite pleasant.
  • “Dark Days + Canapes” by Ghostpoet at 39.  Ghostpoet was nominated for the Mercury three albums ago, but surprisingly, this is his first appearance in the albums top 40.  Single: “Freakshow”.

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