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Mar 2

House to Astonish Episode 162

Posted on Friday, March 2, 2018 by Al in Podcast

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and Paul and I are back to fill you in on everything that’s been going on, from the Image Expo to the Sandman Universe, from Fresh Start to Bendis’s Super-Books, and from IDW’s Transformers reboot to Boom! and Dynamite stepping up to the Eloi section of Previews. We’ve also got reviews of Mera and The Beef, and the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is total bull. All this plus Michelle Pfeiffer’s Bloodstrike, a napkin by Leonard Nimoy and The Wasp versus A Bee.

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Bring on the comments

  1. Moo says:

    Haven’t listened yet but can’t wait to hear about Michelle Pfeiffer’s Bloodstrike. I guess the acting career must’ve fizzled out.

  2. kag says:

    I think you are missing an opportunity unless you team El Toro with the Tarantula, who poisoned people by kicking them with his spiky shoes.

  3. Brian says:


    /dies laughing

  4. Ben says:

    That Mera narration is shockingly terrible.

  5. Martin Smith says:

    The trouble Marvel has with the Avengers is that they’ve essentially wasted the potential of most of their writers doing it on side-titles. Slott did (the perfectly good) Mighty Avengers as a B title, which nullifies any appeal of him doing the main title. Ewing taking on Avengers should be that kind of interesting, bold take, but he’s been doing it for a couple of years already as a constantly relaunched, retitled B title, so that’s out. Aaron’s pretty much the only guy left.

    I feel like it’s unfair to judge Marvel writers just by their terrible events series. They’ve pretty much all done one now, even Aaron. So I’m willing to give Spencer’s Spider-Man a go based on Superior Foes.

    You joke about the New Universe (fairly), but weirdly there’s a trade of the entire Nightmask coming soon, so someone at Marvel’s still thinking about it.

    I have read Transformers vs Visionaries and even as a Visionaries fan I’m disappointed. I very much expect a rebooted IDW Transformers universe to be a properly integrated Hasbroverse rather than the Frankenstein one currently going, which I still have no interest in.

  6. Daibhid Ceannaideach says:

    Regarding the original Books of Magic not being Sandman Presents: The Books of Magic, I don’t remember it having much of a Sandman connection — he’s in it, but to the same extent as Zatanna or Etrigan. If anything it could have been Hellblazer Presents: The Books of Magic. It seems to have been lumped in here on the logic that Vertigo + Gaiman = Sandman.

    “Fresh Start” makes me think of the Discworld’s Fresh Start Club. There’s possibly a metaphor about shambling undead who keep pressing on with their former lives here, but it’s maybe a bit unfair.

  7. Dave White says:

    The gimmick of BLOODSTRIKE was that it was SUICIDE SQUAD except all the characters had died and been Frankensteined back to life by the government. The only notable member was Chapel, the HIV-positive jerkface from Youngblood who was also the guy who killed Spawn. IIRC it also got a relaunch at the same time as PROPHET and GLORY but didn’t last as long.

  8. Martin Smith says:

    Oh and another point re: Transformers. I’m sure James Roberts has talked about wanting to reach 100 issues (with MTMTE originally, before it got renumbered) so I don’t think Lost Light ending in the next six months would really fit with that.

  9. Dave White says:

    Also, Al & Paul, surely El Toro should form a trios team with both versions of Z-list Daredevil villain The Matador?

  10. Brendan says:

    Isn’t Vertigo already publishing a Lucifer series? I suppose it could be a relaunch/branding exercise. I only read the first two trades, but they relied heavily on nostalgia for Mike Carey’s run. It was disjointing to read something that obviously respected what came before while it dismantled that run to get a few more stories out.

  11. El Bryanto says:

    Thank goodness you told me not to have nightmares – after my experience with the dreaded psi-blade wielding squid from antorus 5, I was sure I would wake up screaming; but on a hunch I listened to the podcast before bed and bam! No nightmares.

  12. Paul C says:

    I agree that a lot of the Marvel ‘fresh start’ sound decent, but I’ve very little excitement for them. All the constant relaunches just shows what a massive mess they made with the huge opportunity coming out of Secret Wars.

    I am though looking forward to the Iron Man book by Slott. However literally anything should be better than the absolute rubbish Bendis did with that, particularly the Doctor Doom side of things.

    Also it wasn’t touched on in the episode, but goodness only knows where they are going with this Infinity Stones event. Based on the one-shot the other week, it is quite the random group currently in possession of them.

    During the talk of El Toro as a wrestler, I kept thinking about El Torito the WWE mini luchador from a few years back.

  13. Chris V says:

    Brendan-Lucifer was canceled last year. This is another Lucifer series that DC will be starting.

  14. Brendan says:

    Good to know Chris V. It had completely fallen off my radar.

  15. Chris McFeely says:

    Regarding Transformers, we know there’s minimum ten issues of “Lost Light” left, so it seems that it’ll go to the end of the year, at least.

  16. mark coale says:

    Villain who poisons their political enemies?


  17. SanityOrMadness says:

    On Mera, couldn’t most of that info be taken out of the narrative and shoved into one of those little blurbs Marvel always did on the title/first/recap page? You know, “Bitten by a radioactive spider…”/”There came a day…”/”Mutants–feared and hated by the world they’ve sworn to protect…”

    Something like (and I make no pretensions to high art or even success with this – it’s purely an exercise in cramming as much into as few words as possible): “Able to shape water with a thought, she was sent to kill Aquaman – instead she married him. Cut off from her love and adopted home by injury and war, she must fight the good fight on dry land for now–but she is still MERA, QUEEN OF ATLANTIS.”

  18. Emmanuel says:

    Speaking of Lucifer, will you review the new Carey/Gross book, The Highest House next time on housetoastonish ? I have high hopes for it.

    Not a big fan of Mike Del Mundo, although he seems a good fit for Thor.

  19. Kelvin Green says:

    I would have thought James Roberts would want to get to #113 with MTMTE/Lost Light, just for giggles.

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