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Apr 14

Charts – 13 April 2018

Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2018 by Paul in Music

It’s an epic this week.  But first, do you miss the heady days of three weeks ago when Drake was at number 1 with “God’s Plan”?  Well, good news, because…

1.  Drake – “Nice For What”

This is Drake’s fourth number one.  True, one of them was his guest appearance on Rihanna’s “What’s My Name” back in 2010, and he wasn’t the draw on that one.  But the others were “One Dance”, which spent fifteen weeks at number one, and “God’s Plan”, which managed nine.  So we could be here for a while.  This one’s a bit different in tone, though, since it’s built around a more uplifting sample.  It’s a sped-up lift from Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” (number 4 in 1999) – which, by a weird coincidence, also crops up as a sample on another new entry this week.

3.  Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – “One Kiss”

It’s been a while since Calvin Harris has released anything that particularly interested me, and on first listen, this does not break the trend.  To be honest, I liked him better in the days when I used to complain that all his records sounded the same…

This is officially the second single from Harris’s upcoming album.  The first one was “Nuh Ready Nuh Ready”, a vaguely dancehall track which came out in February and stalled at 48 – which might explain why we’re back in more familiar territory with this single, although Dua Lipa’s name value would be reason enough.

14.  Ruti – “Dreams”

Blimey, a Voice UK winner.  We don’t see many of those around here.  It’s not unprecedented – Stevie McCrory reached number 6 in 2015 with “Lost Stars” – but for a show that’s been around for seven seasons, Voice UK has a dire track record when it comes to launching careers.  This was listed at number one in the midweeks, but apparently that was mainly the result of major streaming services failing to file their data in time.

Just as X Factor moves away from winners’ songs about dreams and such like, Voice UK goes the other way, with a cover version of the Cranberries’ number 27 hit from 1994.

25.  Banx & Ranx and Ella Eyre featuring Yxng Bane – “Answerphone”

Banx & Ranx are Canadian producers who describe themselves as Electro Caribbean, and you can see what they’re getting at.  This has surely got to climb.  It’s great.

27.  Cardi B – “Be Careful”

And here’s the other track using the same Lauryn Hill sample – though they’ve re-sung it live in the SNL performance above.  This is the third single from the debut album “Invasion of Privacy”, which enters the album chart this week at number 6.  It prompts enough cherrypicking to get two tracks onto the top 40, with “I Like It” featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin showing up at 40; that one’s largely based on a sample from Tito Nieves’ “I Like It Like That”.  But it doesn’t have a video and it’s a long week, so…

37.  Nines – “I See You Shining”

He’s a rapper from London.  His debut album “One Foot Out” reached number 4 on the album chart last year, but this is the first time he’s surfaced on the singles chart.  This is the lead single from his second album.  It’s another Steel Banglez production, for those of you keeping track.

38.  Kylie Minogue – “Dancing”

Kylie Minogue is very much an albums act these days, and the parent album “Golden” enters at number 1 this week.  It’s her first proper album since 2014 (we’ll gloss over the Christmas album), and when this single came out back in February, it was predicted in some circles to be a hit.  In the event it missed the top 40 on its first week and never made any headway – which is a shame, because it’s a good single.  Okay, perhaps it’s aimed a little too precisely at, shall we say, clubbers of a certain age who are now starting to turn their minds towards suitable exit music for their funerals.  But it hits that spot very well.

“Golden” is her sixth number 1 album, following “Kylie” (1988), “Enjoy Yourself” (1989), “Greatest Hits” (1992), “Fever” (2001), and “Aprodite” (2010).

39.  Sean Paul & David Guetta featuring Becky G – “Mad Love”

This has been out for eight weeks, struggling to get into the chart.  Now it’s (just) managed it.

Given all those new entries, there aren’t many climbers to speak of:

  • “Meant To Be” by Bebe Rexha featuring Florida Georgia Line climbs 13-11.
  • “Jumanji” by B Young climbs 14-13.
  • “Love Lies” by Khalid & Normani climbs 23-18.
  • “Bad Vibe” by M.O., Lotto Boyzz & Mr Eazi climbs 26-23.
  • “What I Wanna” by Mostack climbs 33-31.

Over on the album chart, we’ve had Kylie Minogue at number 1, and Cardi B at 6, which leaves…

4.  30 Seconds to Mars – “America”

A state of the nation album by 30 Seconds to Mars.  Well, there’s a market for it.  It’s their fifth album, their fourth to chart, and the highest placing.

5.  The Courteeners – “St. Jude Re Wired”

Another one to file under “Oh, so there’s a market for that?”, this is the Courteeners celebrating the tenth anniversary of their debut album by re-recording it acoustically.  The original version of “Not Nineteen Forever” was their biggest hit, reaching number 19 in (obviously) 2008.

8.  Tom Misch – “Geography”

Soundcloud jazz / hip-hop from south London.  The single is pretty good.

10.  Eels – “The Deconstruction”

Their fourth top ten album – two towards the start of their career in 1997 and 2000, and two in a mid-2010s resurgence.  (None of their studio albums have placed below 35.)  It follows a four-year break, and the single above is fabulous.

12.  Blackberry Smoke – “Find a Light”

This southern country act seem to have become chart regulars with their last three albums, despite having been around since 2004.  Pleasing Americana.

15.  Lisa Stansfield – “Deeper”

Lisa Stansfield is probably still best remembered for her 1989 number 1 “All Around The World”, but she started releasing albums again in 2014 (after a decade’s hiatus).  Like many legacy acts, she’s held up quite well in the current album market.  As for the single… I think “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” has been written before, hasn’t it?

24.  Goat Girl – “Goat Girl”

London indie band – they’re signed to Rough Trade and wouldn’t have been out of place on a Volume album.  I guess we’re due for a minor revival.  They’re good at it, mind you – I’ll have to set aside some time to listen to this properly.

28.  Dead Daisies – “Burn It Down”

Australian rock project oriented around one David Lowy, whose Wikipedia entry ranks his music career third in priority behind his careers in business and aviation.  It’s their fourth album but only the second to chart (slightly beating its predecessor).

32.  Elvis Presley – “The Searcher OST”

The Searcher is a 3.5 hour HBO documentary, not an actual Elvis film you’ve never heard of.  Alternative takes and so forth, hence the track above being “Suspicious Minds (Take 6)”. There’s also a 3CD box set version available.

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