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Aug 28

Charts – 24 August 2018

Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 by Paul in Music

It’s a busy week, so let’s dive in.

1.  George Ezra – “Shotgun”

Second week in this run, fourth week in total.  But it’s a busy week, so let’s move on…

2.  Calvin Harris & Sam Smith

The follow-up to “One Kiss” is along fairly similar lines – a while back, Calvin Harris made a fairly sharp stylistic turn away from his electropop formula and towards soul.  Now, he seems to have settled into a new formula.  Still, it’s a good formula, and this is one of his better renditions of it; and it suits Sam Smith’s voice, too.  It’s Sam Smith’s first appearance in the top 40 this year, and his first time in the top 10 since last year’s number one “Too Good at Goodbyes”.  This isn’t his primary genre, but he’s cropped up on Disclosure singles before.

8.  Ariana Grande – “Breathin”
22.  Ariana Grande – “Sweetener”

The album “Sweetener” is out this week, and it’s her second number one (following 2016’s “Dangerous Woman”).  Naturally that gives her the maximum three singles on the top 40 – these two new entries, plus current single “God is a Woman”, which rebounds to number 6.  “Breathin” – that’s not a misprint, there’s no apostrophe at the end – seems like a pretty good choice of single, not to mention a decent vehicle for her voice.  “Sweetener” isn’t so obviously commercial, but it’s the title track, I guess.

16.  Jess Glynne – “All I Am”

It’s a pretty down-the-middle feelgood track, but Jess Glynne singles normally make the top 10, so I’d assume this is likely to climb.

26.  The 1975 – “TooTimeTooTimeTooTime”

The second single from their upcoming album “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”.  Even though they still tend to get listed as an indie band, this is an outright synthpop track, and probably has more crossover potential than usual beyond their normal base.  I wouldn’t hold my breath, though – the 1975 are an odd case of a band whose singles usually enter the chart on the strength of first-week fan support, and then fade rapidly, something that was commonplace in the pre-streaming era, but which we rarely see anymore.

There’s a video on Spotify which I can’t embed, but you can see it here.

31.  Marshmello & Bastille – “Happier”

Not the most obvious collaboration in the world, but then the last time we saw Bastille, they were guesting on a Craig David single.  Or “he”, since it seems to be basically Dan Smith here.  This is polished but fairly predictable.

36.  Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino – “In My Mind”

Dynoro’s YouTube channel claims that “Who Dynoro is, remains a mystery”, and that he’s “an enigmatic producer from Lithuania”.  For what it’s worth, a couple of online sources identify him as one Edvinas Pehovskis, but the source for that seems to be a skeletal LinkedIn page, which you’d have thought he might have deleted by now if it was really his, given the “mystery” angle.

It’s a mash-up cover of a song originally released in 2012 by Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl featuring Georgie Kaye, using the hook from Gigi D’Agostino’s 1999 track “L’Amour Toujours”.  I’m guessing that’s why D’Agostino gets a credit on this, since he’s a middle aged Italian DJ who doesn’t seem to have released anything new in seven years.  “L’Amour Toujours” made no impact in the UK, but it was a top ten hit around Europe in 2000 – despite the video below, which must have been 10 years behind the times even then.

The Dynoro version has already been number one in several European countries, including Germany and Sweden (and it is better than both source records), so don’t write it off.

This week’s climbers:

  • “Eastside” by Benny Blanco featuring Halsey & Khalid climbs 4-3.
  • “Body” by Loud Luxury featuring Brando climbs 6-5.
  • “Ring Ring” by Jax Jones & Mabel featuring Rich The Kid climbs 13-12.
  • “Only You” by Cheat Codes & Little Mix climbs 14-13.
  • “Don’t Leave Me Alone” by David Guetta featuring Anne-Marie climbs 37-23, far and away this week’s biggest climber.
  • “079Me” by B Young climbs 28-25.
  • “Best Life” by Hardy Caprio featuring One Acen climbs 33-32.

Over on the album chart, “Sweetener” by Ariana Grande is number 1, but we’ve covered that, so…

6.  Bugzy Malone – “B. Inspired”

Such is the fondness among rappers for calling their collections of songs “mixtapes” or “EPs” or whatever that we have here the odd spectacle of a “debut album” which gives Bugzy Malone his fourth appearance in the album top ten.  Strangely, he’s never had a hit single.

6.  Gabrielle – “Under My Skin”

It’s been over ten years since Gabrielle released a studio album, but she picks up comfortably where she left off – in a career going back to 1993, she’s never had an album place below 11.

8.  Slaves – “Acts of Fear and Love”

Their third top ten album.

15.  Aretha Franklin – “Soul Queen”
16.  Aretha Franklin – “30 Greatest Hits”
27.  Aretha Franklin – “Respect – The Very Best of Aretha Franklin”

The inevitable resurgence of interest in Aretha Franklin’s back catalogue following her death last week at the age of 76.  These are all compilation albums, as you might expect in the circumstances.  She only had five top ten hit singles, but they span nearly thirty years.  Two of them are collaborations: “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” with George Michael, which was a number 1 in 1987, and “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” with the Eurythmics, which made number 9 in 1985.  Then there are the two obvious ones: “Respect” (number 10 in 1967) and “I Say A Little Prayer” (number 4 in 1968).  So let’s go with the other one, her cover of “A Deeper Love”, which reached number 5 in 1994.

24.  Death Cab For Cutie – “Thank You For Today”

Of the four Death Cab For Cutie albums which have made the albums top 40, three of them reached number 24.  Significant?  No.

35.  Stefflon Don – “Secure”

Debut album.  The single “Hurtin’ Me” made the top 10 last autumn.

36.  Ten Millennia – “Love Won’t Wait”

Eighties funk/soul throwbacks; it’s their first album to register on the chart.

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