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Oct 13

Charts – 12 October 2018

Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2018 by Paul in Music

Well, this is a surprise.

1.  Dave featuring Fredo – “Funky Friday”

Not so much because Calvin Harris and Sam Smith’s “Promises” gets knocked back to number 2 after a five-week run – that feels about right.  But this was behind in the midweeks.  It’s an independently released track.  And while Dave – also sometimes known as Santan Dave – has had hit singles before, the biggest was “No Words”, which never got above number 17.  On top of that, while Dave’s a pretty accessible rapper so far as things like delivery and subject matter go, this is still a minimal, mid-paced track without any conventional chorus.  It’s good, but it’s not an obvious number one in any way.  But here we are.

As for Fredo, his only previous appearance was on that weird single credited to a clothing brand – “Ay Caramba”, credited to Stay Flee Get Lizzy featuring Fredo, Young T & Bugsey – that originally reached number 38 a couple of months back.  It’s been hovering around 40 ever since, wavering in and out of the bottom of the chart.  Presumably as a spillover, it now climbs to 32.

16.  Eminem – “Venom”

The official title of the track is actually “Venom – Music From The Motion Picture”, but the Official Charts Company are going with the short title.

Obviously, this is here to tie in with the release of that Motion Picture.  You might assume it’d be an offcut from Eminem’s recent “Kamikaze” album, but you’d be wrong – it’s on the album too, but it’s previously been excluded from the singles chart under the three song rule.  Now it overtakes the rest of the Eminem pack to qualify for the chart.  “Lucky You” and “Killshot” remain on the chart at 23 and 27 respectively, while “Fall” gets knocked into fourth place and excluded from the charts (though it was at 34 and falling anyway, so chances are it wouldn’t have made the top 40 regardless).

24.  Halsey – “Without Me”

Having previously sung on number ones for the Chainsmokers and Benny Blanco, and guested on tracks from G-Eazy and Justin Bieber (back in 2015), Ashley Frangipane finally gets a hit entirely under her own name.  (“Halsey” is an anagram of her first name.)  It’s the lead single from her third album; the previous two did make the album top 20, even if they failed to produce any hit singles.

The track is perfectly good, albeit in a generically 2018-ish sort of way.  There’s a Spotify-exclusive video for it, but we’ll just have to go with the visualiser thing above.

28.  Lil Baby & Gunna – “Drip Too Hard”

First hit for either of these guys.  It’s the lead single from a joint album called “Drip Harder”, which in turn is a play on the titles of their respective mixtape series.  That album enters at 12.  The video is pretty insufferable, and I can’t say the track does anything for me, but the reviews have been good.

34.  6ix9ine featuring Bobby Shmurda – “Stoopid”

After tacking in a more commercial direction with his Nicki Minaj collaboration “Fefe” (which got to number 17), 6ix9ine goes back the other way by giving a guest appearance to Bobby Shmurda, who has been in jail for several years and isn’t expected out until the latter half of 2020.  From the sound of it, his brief contribution has literally been recorded over the phone.  It’s a very one-note track, which at least has the good sense to keep it short.

35.  Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – “I’ll Never Love Again”
39.  Lady Gaga – “Always Remember Us This Way” 

The soundtrack album from A Star Is Born is out this week, and it enters the album chart at 1 (with a “Motion Picture Cast Recording” artist credit).  As befits a number one album these days, it spawns a couple of minor hit singles to go with the current official single “Shallow”, which climbs 13-6.  That makes it Lady Gaga’s biggest hit since “Applause” back in 2013.

This week’s other climbers…

  • “Let You Love Me” by Rita Ora climbs 6-5.
  • “Thunderlouds” by LSD climbs 18-17.
  • “Better” by Khalid climbs 24-20.
  • “Back & Forth” by MK featuring Jonas Blue & Becky Hill climbs an impressive 37-21, so it’s probably going to be around for a while.
  • “Goodbye” by Jason Derulo x David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj & Willy William climbs 32-26.

On the album chart, it’s another busy week.  We’ve already had Lady Gaga entering at number 1…

2.  Twenty One Pilots – “Trench”

Their fifth album, but only the second to have significant commercial success in the UK.  It’s a concept album about mental health problems, and the titular Trench is the setting for its songs.  The reviews have been positive, and the single above is actually a lot better than I was expecting.

6.  You Me At Six – “VI”

As you probably guessed, it’s their sixth album, and thoughtfully the charts complete the synchronicity by having it land at 6 – which unfortunately also brings to an end their four-album streak of making the top five.

11.  Echo & The Bunnymen – “The Stars The Oceans & The Moon”

Basically an acoustic greatest hits album.

15.  KT Tunstall – “Wax”

That’s the lowest position she’s had for a regular studio album (an acoustic album in 2006 only made 32), but only marginally; it’s still a pretty respectable placing for someone who’s been around for thirteen years now.

19.  John Lennon – “Imagine”

It’s a box set reissue.  The original was a number one for two weeks on its release in 1971. The video above is a digital remaster of the original, “now seen with its full original intro sequence”, which basically just some more of John and Yoko walking silently down a lane.

29.  Cat Power – “Wanderer”

Cat Power has been around for years – her first album was in 1995 – but she only started making the album top 40 in 2008, and she’s only released three albums since then.  This is her highest chart placing.

34.  Gunship – “Dark All Day”

Synthwave, apparently – which means they’re a sort of 80s-rock synth band.  It’s their second album, the first to chart.  The picture above gives a very misleading impression of the video, which is actually made up of people doing home-made re-enactments of scenes from 80s movies.

36.  Coheed & Cambria – “The Unheavenly Creatures”

US rock with prog and concept-album tendencies.  Despite the relatively commercial track above, they’re the sort of band who put out an album called “The Afterman – Ascension” followed by one called “The Afterman – Descension”.  They’ve been around since the mid nineties, and this is only their second album to make the top 40 (the other was “Year of the Black Rainbow”, which reached number 35 eight years ago).

38.  Matt Berry – “Television Themes”

Best known as a comedy actor, Matt Berry has a genuine musical pedigree: he wrote a stage musical, and he’s made a string of studio albums for Acid Jazz, none of which charted.  This one scrapes in, perhaps helped by the odd decision to cover (more or less straight) a string of old TV themes.  If you’ve ever yearned to hear Matt Berry sing the theme to Blankety Blank, well, here it is.

40.  Steve Perry – “Traces”

The lead singer of Journey, whose solo releases have not previously made the singles or albums top 40.

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