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Mar 16

Charts – 15 March 2019

Posted on Saturday, March 16, 2019 by Paul in Music

Yes, I know there’s a few comics out this week to review – the Iceman one-shot, X-Force and X-23, to be exact – but I feel like keeping this up to date first…

1.  Lewis Capaldi – “Someone You Loved”

The top four is static, so Lewis Capaldi gets a third week at number one.  It doesn’t have a huge lead, but it’s doing well enough.

8.  Dave featuring J Hus – “Disaster”
9.  Dave – “Streatham”
11.  Dave featuring Burna Boy – “Location”

So much for my surprise a couple of weeks back when the promotional single “Black” only got to number 40.  Dave’s album “Psychodrama” enters the album chart at number 1, largely through streaming – which means that the maximum three tracks duly appear on the singles chart.  Officially it’s his debut album, but that depends on treating 2017’s “Game Over” and 2016’s “Six Paths” as EPs.  It’s an extremely marginal number one, with a margin equivalent to 279 sales, but a number one nonetheless.

Given how closely together they were bunched, I suspect these three were only marginally ahead of the pack.  But for what it’s worth, we’ve got the official single “Streatham”, and the two tracks with the biggest name guests.  In fact, there are only three tracks on the album with guests attached, because this is a personal, intense album which doesn’t need to be diluted with a bunch of visitors.  J Hus had a top ten hit in 2017 with “Did You See”, and some lesser follow-up singles; Burna Boy is an Afro fusion singer getting his first singles chart credit.  “Location” is also the most commercial of these three.  They’re all good, though.

“I’m So Tired” by Lauv & Troye Sivan climbs 14-13, and Sigrid’s “Don’t Feel Like Crying”, which I wasn’t hugely impressed by, climbs 34-20.  “Nights Like This” by Kehlani featuring Ty Dolla $ign moves 29-25, and …

26.  Billie Eilish – “Wish You Were Gay”

The previous single “Bury a Friend” is still hanging around at number 15.  It’s an unrequited love song, and I’d say it’s the weakest of her three hits so far, but it does bring something different to the singles chart, which has been getting very samey over the last couple of years.

33.  Wiley, Stefflon Don & Sean Paul – “Boasty”

… Sean Paul?  Really?

Mind you, Wiley.  The elder statesman of grime hasn’t been on the singles top 40 since 2013.  Something tells me the main reason this track has been pushed into the chart by the remix version above, which includes a verse by Idris Elba.  Elba doesn’t rap often, but this isn’t his first time – see this remix of Skepta’s “Shutdown”, for example.

39.  Juice WRLD – “Robbery”

At last, a follow-up hit to last year’s “Lucid Dreams”.  This came out a few weeks ago, but it charts now as a side effect of the album “Death Race for Love” coming out – it enters at number 12.  I don’t know about this.  I love the beat, I want to like it more, but the delivery is just a bit too shouty for my tastes.

Over on the album chart… well, we’ve already noted Dave at number 1.  The record he marginally beat is…

2.  Foals – “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1”

Poor old Foals.  This is their fifth album, and the fourth to place in the top three.  And they so nearly made it to the top this time.  Oh well, the single is excellent, if extremely eighties.

3.  Dido – “Still On My Mind”

Dido hasn’t released an album since 2013.  This comeback album was produced by her brother Rollo, best known as a member of Faithless.  And number three’s clearly not bad after a long absence, particularly in a busy week (the 2013 album only got to 5).  The single is… recognisably Dido.

Sigrid‘s debut album “Sucker Punch enters at 4; I’ve already mentioned the current single.

10.  Paul Weller – “Other Aspects – Live at the Royal Festival Hall”

Exactly as it sounds: a live album of his orchestra-backed concert last year.  It’s his nineteenth top ten album.  “Wild Wood”, above, was originally a number 13 hit in 1993.

The Juice WRLD album “Death Race For Love” enters at 12, but we’ve covered that.

14.  James Morrison – “You’re Stronger Than You Know”

His fifth album, and the first to miss the top 10.  It’s been over three years since the last album, admittedly, and that one in turn came over four years after its predecessor.  The track above is above average MOR – it’s rather good by the end – but I think he’s drifting off people’s radar.

18.  Kate Bush – “The Other Sides”

A separate release for the four miscellany discs that were included in last year’s “Remastered” compilations – B-sides, rarities, 12″ mixes, and random covers.  Her YouTube channel has four videos for this album, but (being the tracks that have videos) three of them aren’t really that obscure at all.  Her version of “Rocket Man” is on the covers disc, but it comes from her 1991 album “Two Rooms’, and it reached number 12 as a single.  Her cover of “The Man I Love” is from a various artists Gershwin tribute album, but it too was released as a single in 1994 and reached 27.  “Experiment IV” was the token new track on her 1986 compilation album, which is why it winds up on the miscellany disc of “Remastered”, but it was a number 23 hit.  So let’s go with “Under the Ivy”, which actually is a rarity – it’s the B-side of “Running Up That Hill”, and the video is a random performance on The Tube.

21.  David Gray – “Gold in a Brass Age”

It’s been nearly five years since the last David Gray album, and eight years since the one before, so he’s not exactly been churning them out.  The single above is rather more charming than I was expecting.

And that’s it for new entries, but we round off with “Number Ones” by Michael Jackson re-entering at number 28.  A number one album on its release in 2003, it’s a perennial that’s been hovering in the lower reaches of the top 100 for years – and it doesn’t take that much to get an album into the lower reaches of the top 40 for a week these days.  Evidently it’s here because of the publicity from the Leaving Neverland documentary being shown on Channel 4.  That doesn’t seem like something that would boost sales, but presumably a lot of this is coming from defiant fans who refuse to accept the allegations.

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  1. Eric says:

    Two Rooms was an Elton John tribute album, not a Kate Bush album.

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