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Mar 22

Charts – 22 March 2019

Posted on Friday, March 22, 2019 by Paul in Music

There’s some sea shanties further down, if you like that.

1.  Lewis Capaldi – “Someone You Loved”

Four weeks, and his streams are still growing, so we could be here a while.  The top three is static, and “Just You And I” by Tom Walker climbs 10-4.  That overtakes last year’s “Leave a Light On” to be his biggest hit.  (Well, bigger.  He’s only had two.)  “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers rebounds to a new peak of 5, and “Location” by Dave featuring Burna Boy climbs 11-8.  The other two tracks that charted from the album drop to 10 and 13, but it’s still pretty impressive to place three tracks so high, two weeks running.  Sigrid’s “Don’t Feel Like Crying” climbs 20-15… oh, hold on, that’s got a video now.

15.  Sigrid – “Don’t Feel Like Crying”

Well, that was minimal, wasn’t it?  This is starting to grow on me, though.

“Boasty” by Wiley x Stefflon Don x Sean Paul featuring Idris Elba, which is apparently the full official credit that won’t fit on the official web page, climbs 33-22.

23.  Marshmello featuring CHVRCHES – “Here With Me”

Rather depressingly, this is only the second time CHVRCHES have appeared on the singles chart – and the first was way back in 2013, when “The Mother We Share” managed two weeks at number 38.  It’s a good single, mind you, and they turn out to be a decent fit.  There’s a Spotify vertical video for this, but it’s not officially meant to be on YouTube, so.

30.  Ava Max – “So Am I”

The follow-up to “Sweet But Psycho”, quickly striking Ava Max’s name off the one-hit wonders list.  It’s a bit on the nose, isn’t it?

38.  Lizzo – “Juice”

Melissa Jefferson has been releasing solo singles since 2013, she’s on her third album, and she’s been in some indie hip hop groups too, but this is the first time she’s had anything approaching a hit.  It’s great, and the still they’ve selected for the video isn’t particularly representative.  This is worth a play.

Over on the album chart…

1.  Jack Savoretti – “Singing to Strangers”

… it’s singer-songwriter time again.  This is Jack Savoretti’s sixth album, but only the previous two made the chart.  They made the top 10, though, so it’s not entirely surprising that he’s managed to get a number one in a relatively quiet week for new album releases.  He’s… cinematically smooth, but he does have a niche.

15.  Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “The Song Diaries”

This is – you guessed it – a greatest hits album but with an orchestra.  How much that really adds to something like “Take Me Home”, I’m a bit sceptical, but that’s the one that has a video.  (The version of “A Pessimist is Never Disappointed” is a bit more convincing.)

19.  Cinematic Orchestra – “To Believe”

Cinematic Orchestra are a jazz/hip hop group who never seem to have officially split, but nonetheless haven’t released an album in twelve years.  This is the first time they’ve reached the top 40.  You might know their 2007 single “To Build A Home”, which didn’t chart either, but does show up in Very Moving Scenes on soundtracks sometimes.

20.  Joanne Shaw Taylor – “Reckless Heart”

Shaw Taylor was the presenter of ITV’s proto-Crimewatch slot Police 5, which I remember seeing on regional English TV when visiting my grandparents in the 1980s.  He has nothing whatever to do with Joanne Shaw Taylor, who is a blues guitarist.  This is her second album to chart, landing one place below 2016’s “Wild”.

27.  Fisherman’s Friends – “Keep Hauling – OST”

Well, this is a bit different.  The Fisherman’s Friends are a group of fishermen from Port Isaac who sing sea shanties.  They unexpectedly had a top 10 album in 2010 (you have to hunt for it on the chart website because it’s listed under “Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends”), and now there’s a film, and they’re on the soundtrack of the film about themselves, and… here we are again.

29.  UB40 – “For The Many”

The nineteenth album from the English reggae veterans has chosen its title to express support for the Labour Party. They are not to be confused with the rival “UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mickey”, which is the acrimonious splinter group.  See, they really are left wing.

31.  Ludovico Einaudi – “Seven Days Walking – Day One”

Modern (but mainstream) classical.   Einaudi has the unusual distinction of being a modern composer who actually had a hit single – “I Giorni” in 2011.

33.  Slim – “Still Working”

This week’s rap album making the lower end of the chart.  He’s from Lewisham.

35.  Karen O & Danger Mouse – “Lux Prima”

That’s Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Danger Mouse from… well, various things, but Gnarls Barkley is an obvious one.  The Colbert performance above is definitely worth your time.

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