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Mar 29

Charts – 29 March 2019

Posted on Friday, March 29, 2019 by Paul in Music

This is starting to get a little bit repetitive.

1.  Lewis Capaldi – “Someone You Loved”

Five weeks.  That’s the longest we’ve had since “Thank U Next” in the run-up to Christmas.  Poor “Giant” by Calvin Harris and Rag’N’Bone Man has been stuck behind it the whole time.  “Just You and I” by Tom Walker climbs 4-3, and “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers goes 5-4.  “Location” by Dave featuring Burna Boy has now moved 11-8-6, which is odd, since it’s not the official single – that’s “Streatham”, which falls to 22 (while “Disaster” falls to 15).

7.  Steel Banglez featuring AJ Tracey & MoStack – “Fashion Week”

Steel Banglez is a producer whose records show up fairly often in the top 40, but doesn’t generally take an artist credit.  This is only the second time his name has appeared on the chart; the first was “Bad”, which spent a few weeks hovering around number 30 at the start of last year.   I’ve always liked his production, and this is no exception, though I can take or leave the actual song.  AJ Tracey had a couple of mid-table hits last year, but this is his first time in the top 10; MoStack’s previous best was number 17, guesting on a Dave track in 2017.

“I’m So Tired” by Lauv & Troye Sivan climbs 9-8, and “Boasty” by Wiley x Stefflon Don x Sean Paul featuring Idris Elba climbs 22-11.  “Talk” by Khalid continues to make excruciatingly slow progress, reaching number 12 a mere four weeks after it got to 13.  “Don’t Feel Like Crying” by Sigrid climbs 15-13.

14.  Marshmello featuring Chvrches – “Here With Me”

Climbing 23-14.  It’s got a proper video now, and the other two from Chvrches even get to be in it!  Actually, this is listed on YouTube as “Alternative Music Video”, but as far as I can see it’s the only one on YouTube, unless you count the lyric video.  I think they just mean that it’s an alternative edit of the vertical video made for Spotify… but heck, it’s still a video.

“So Am I’ by Ava Max climbs 30-18…

19.  Russ & Tion Wayne – “Keisha & Becky”

Russ’s follow up to “Gun Lean”, which made number 9 earlier in the year.  It’s the third top 40 appearance this year (and indeed ever) for Tion Wayne, who also guested on NSG’s “Options” (which made the top 10) and Swarmz’ “Bally” (which didn’t).  On this single, they are mainly fond of arses.

32.  Meduza featuring Goodboys – “Piece of Your Heart”

Ooh, a debut hit!  Meduza are a production trio, and from the look of it they’d class themselves as progressive house.  No idea about Goodboys, really, but it’s a strong track, this.  Worth a play.

38.  George Ezra – “Pretty Shining People”

The follow-up to “Hold My Girl”, which made the top 10.  George Ezra tracks tend to be slow-burn climbers, so a number 38 debut is fine – his number one “Shotgun” took thirteen weeks to reach the top.  In the video he… helps his record label get in touch with their inner children, I guess?

Over on the album chart…

1.  Michael Ball – “Coming Home To You”

This is Michael Ball’s second number one album, the first being his self-titled debut way back in 1992.  He hasn’t even come particularly close since the nineties, but hey, it’s a declining market and it favours artists who appeal to older people that haven’t yet shifted to streaming.  [Edit: Well, he hasn’t come close as a solo act.  He has had a couple of number one albums as a double act with Alfie Boe.]  The album is something of a change of direction, with a tack towards country.

10.  The Carpenters with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – “The Carpenters with the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra”

This made number 8 just before Christmas, but it re-enters this week.  The Official Chart Company are attributing this to Richard Carpenter appearing on The One Show, but that’s never been a programme that’s noticeably driven album sales in the past.  Perhaps it just says something about The One Show demographic.  For some reason, while there wasn’t a proper video for anything on the album when it was actually released, they made one for “Superstar” in January.

18.  Sleeper – “The Modern Age”

Yes, that Sleeper – they haven’t released a record in 22 years, but they re-formed for a nostalgia tour a couple of years back with the likes of Dodgy, Space and the Bluetones.  Sleeper were a second-tier Britpop act – their biggest hit singles only scraped the bottom end of the top 10 – and have the misfortune to remembered for the anonymity of the three men behind Louise Wener.  But I remember the actual music fondly, and the single above is quite strong.

21.  RV & Headie One – “Drillers and Trappers 2”

This week’s obligatory mixtape.  It’s the follow-up to a mixtape from 2017 which didn’t make the chart.

26.  NAV – “Bad Habits”

He’s on the Weeknd’s label, and you can see the family resemblance.  This is the follow-up to last year’s album “Reckless”, which reached number 24; he’s yet to place anything on the singles chart.

27.  Jenny Lewis – “On The Line”

…. okay.  This is Jenny Lewis’s fourth solo album, and the first to chart.  She did previously have a number 34 album in 2007 as a member of Rilo Kiley, but it’s still kind of random to see her suddenly show up here.  This is good, though.

32.  Mötley Crüe – “The Dirt – OST”

The soundtrack album to a poorly-received Netflix docudrama.  Still, if you’ve ever wanted to hear a collaboration between Mötley Crüe and Machine Gun Kelly, we’ve got you covered.  (It’s… alright, actually.)

34.  Bonnie Tyler – “Between the Earth and the Stars”

Celebrating fifty years in the business, Bonnie Tyler has a new studio album in the chart – just – but considering that her last studio album to make the top 40 was 1986’s “Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire”, that’s quite a surprise.

36.  Mansun – “Six”

21st anniversary reissue for their second album, which appropriately reached number 6 in autumn 1998.  Remember the hits like “Wide Open Space” and “Taxloss”?  Well, they were on the first album.  The biggest hit from this one was “Legacy”, which got to number 7.  But that’s not on YouTube, so here’s “Being A Girl” – the one where the verses sound like the Police.

37.  Dean Lewis – “A Place We Knew”

Debut album.  We’ve had a single from this one – “Be Alright” made number 11 last year.  And finally for this week…

38.  Lucy Rose – “No Words Left”

Lucy Rose is on her fourth album, and chart-wise, she peaked back in 2015 when “Work It Out” reached the album top 10.  But the song is rather lovely, so give it a play anyway.

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    In a weird bit of crossover for this blog…Sina Grace, author of the Iceman solo series, is actually in the Jenny Lewis music video you posted!

  2. Paul says:

    That is worth knowing!

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