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Jul 5

Charts – 5 July 2019

Posted on Friday, July 5, 2019 by Paul in Music

This is the annual post-Glastonbury chart, and as is often the case, it’s rather quiet, because everyone’s been off in a field instead of promoting their records (and everyone who does want to promote a record is being drowned out by the people in the field).  So we can run through this quite quickly…

1.  Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – “I Don’t Care”

Eight weeks, and it’s now joined by…

3.  Ed Sheeran featuring Khalid – “Beautiful People”

With “Cross Me” at number 6, Ed Sheeran now has the maximum three singles in the top ten – and the parent album isn’t even out yet.  This is just the third trailer single.  Well, Ed Sheeran is the artist who prompted the three-song rule in the first place.  “Beautiful People” is one of those songs where a very rich and successful person assures us that he feels terribly out of place surrounded by other rich and successful people, thus making him Still Relatable.  It’s pleasant enough if that doesn’t grate on you.  Note that Justin Bieber gets equal billing but Khalid only gets a “featuring.”  I wonder how much negotiation was expended on that.

“Crown” by Stormzy climbs 5-4, and the top 10 is finally starting to free up a bit: “Mad Love” by Mabel climbs 13-8, for her third top ten hit; “Wish You Well” by Sigala & Becky Hill climbs 11-9.  “Ladbroke Grove” by AJ Tracey climbs 21-16.  That’s now his biggest hit as a lead artist, though he had a top ten hit in the spring as a guest for Steel Banglez.  “3 Nights” by Dominic Fike climbs 26-20.  “Strike A Pose” by Young T & Bugsey featuring Aitch climbs 27-22.  “Summer Days” by Martin Garrix featuring Macklemore & Patrick Stump climbs 33-26.  Told you it was quiet.

29.  Chris Brown featuring Justin Bieber & Ink – “Don’t Check On Me”

Yes, a second Justin Bieber song.  And indeed a second Chris Brown single, since “No Guidance” is up at number 12.  This is a cherry-picked track from his album “Indigo”, which enters the album chart at 7, presumably on the strength of the big name guest star.  It’s an uncharacteristic track, based simply on an acoustic guitar loop.  Making her first appearance on the chart, Ink is apparently the lead singer of a band called Vintage Nation.  If you type “Vintage Nation” into Safari, the top suggestion is the Wikipedia entry for the Duke of Edinburgh.

“Indigo” is Brown’s seventh top ten album, assuming you count his 2015 collaboration with Tyga.

“Find U Again” by Mark Ronson featuring Camila Cabello climbs 37-31, and we round off the week in singles with…

36.  Kygo & Whitney Houston – “Higher Love”

Exactly what it sounds like: Kygo remixing Whitney Houston’s cover version of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” (number 13 in 1986).  Houston’s version was recorded for her third album in 1990 but didn’t make the cut, except as a bonus track in Japan – so it’s not unreleased, just very obscure.  The original record doesn’t seem to be easily available, but YouTube has a version from her 1990 live tour, and if that arrangement is anything to go by, Kygo has probably improved it.

This is Whitney Houston’s first chart appearance since her death in 2012, which arguably shows an uncommon degree of restraint in trawling her archives.

On the album chart…

1.  Kylie Minogue – “Step Back In Time – The Definitive Kylie Minogue”

Greatest hits album, obviously – plus, she was headlining Glastonbury.  I could go with one of the really obvious tracks, but let’s have 1994’s “Confide In Me.”  It’s really good.

Now, if 42 tracks of Kylie Minogue seems excessive, bear in mind she’s been at this for over thirty years now, and 42 tracks doesn’t even cover all of her top 40 hits.  I know, I know… which of her 51 top 40 singles didn’t make the cut?  You might assume it’d be the B-list Stock Aitken & Waterman stuff, but no…

  • “Into the Blue” (number 12 in 2014, and a well received song, so who knows)
  • “Higher” (a Taio Cruz single where she guested in 2011)
  • “Better Than Today” (number 32 in 2010)
  • “Santa Baby” (evidently considered a novelty release, but it eventually got to number 38)
  • “Giving You Up” (a top ten hit in 2005, but it was the bonus track on an earlier greatest hits album so maybe she doesn’t rate it much)
  • “Chocolate” (number 6 in 2004, and seems weird to exclude it)
  • “Did it Again” (number 14 in 1997)
  • “Some Kind of Bliss” (number 22 in 1997 – this is the peak of her Indie Kylie phase, with a song co-written by the Manic Street Preachers)
  • “Where is the Feeling?” (number 16 in 1995, but an international flop)
  • “Finer Feelings” (number 11 in 1992 – she missed it off an earlier greatest hits album too)
  • “If You Were With Me Now” (a largely forgotten duet with Keith Washington that reached number 4 in 1991)
  • “Word is Out” (number 16 in 1991)

So that’s 39 actual top 40 Kylie Minogue hits.  The other three tracks on the album are “New York City” (the obligatory new track), “Your Disco Needs You” (which is fabulous, but was only released as a single overseas) and “Stop Me From Falling” (a single from last year’s album that reached number 52).

As for the other headliners, the Killers see their greatest hits album re-enter at number 6 (with “Hot Fuss” at 39), while Stormzy’s “Gang Signs & Prayer” re-enters at 14.  Dave’s “Psychodrama” reappears at 27, too.  Oh, and the Cure’s greatest hits is at 19.

3.  The Black Keys – “Let’s Rock”

Their third consecutive top ten album, after a five year gap.  The video’s fantastic.

Number 7 is Chris Brown, but I’ve covered that.

9.  Hank Marvin – “Gold”

And here’s a Hank Marvin compilation that doesn’t have “Apache” on it.  Huh.  Marvin’s had a lengthy solo career of mostly-midtable instrumental albums – he started back in 1969 and this is only the fifth week he’s spent in the albums top 10.

33.  K-Trap – “No Magic”

Follow-up to last year’s number 37 album.  So not much change there.  The video for this track sees him discarding the mask he’s worn up to this point.

40.  Original Cast Recording – “Yesterday”

From the film, obviously.  This debuted outside the top 40 last week, so it’s climbing – not something you see often on the album chart.  You’d have thought the audience for this was pretty much limited to people who really, really want a moment of the movie, though, since the Beatles do in fact exist.

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    Good to see Paul agrees that Your Diso Needs You is great. One of her best songs

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