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Nov 2

House to Astonish Episode 179

Posted on Saturday, November 2, 2019 by Al in Podcast

A relatively quiet period for comics news, but we’re talking about Kevin Feige being installed as Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, the Bloodshot movie, the Into The Spider-Verse sequel, Sky UK’s troubles showing the CW’s Crisis crossover, HBO Max’s Green Lantern and Strange Adventures series, Dark Horse collecting Michel Fiffe’s Panorama, and the closing of ComicBookDB and The MNT. We’ve also got reviews of Afterlift and The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer and the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is a metal guru. All this plus comics industry execs who could break into your house and strangle you in your sleep, comics ASMR and what you get when Goodnight Sweetheart meets Flash Gordon.

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And as mentioned on the podcast, if you’re at the Thought Bubble convention in Harrogate next Saturday, come along at 2pm to see me team up with Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die of SILENCE! for the second of this year’s SILENCE! To Astonish panels!

Bring on the comments

  1. Mark Coale says:

    I like that you discussed the Constantine book without mentioning the Keanu “cameo.”

    I also like the idea of 70s punk band John Constantine trying to adapt to 2019 London. No even John’s magic is strong enough to buy a flat in West London, so he is forced to live in Milton Keynes and get Chas to drive hiM back and forth to the city.

  2. Jonny k says:

    In talking about the issues in the Hellblazer concept, I can’t help remembering Warren Ellis made essentially the same point in an issue of Planetary twenty years ago.

    And Milligan’s run ten years ago was essentially about John being old and not fitting in London anymore. So the complaints about Hellblazer’s outdatedness have been around for most of the character’s existence and are themselves stale

  3. SanityOrMadness says:

    You keep referring to DCBLSUP Hellblazer as the “first issue” – it is and it isn’t. It’s an “issue zero”, a one-shot leading into the “real” first issue (which is titled “John Constantine: Hellblazer”. Still under the pair of imprints tho.)

  4. SanityOrMadness says:

    You know, when you were talking about Warhawk showing up at the X-Mansion and riffing on what an idiot she was, thinking that the guy with metal skin was really there just to fix the phone… it was running through my head that it really wasn’t that implausible (bad “plastic surgery” lines notwithstanding).

    It’s the Marvel freaking Universe! Superpowers have been a public thing since WW2. Of course there are going to be schlubs whose skin gets turned to carbon steel by (e.g.) the fallout from a fight Dr Strange had, and the main difference it makes to their lives is a deadly fear of rust!

  5. Paul F says:

    The odd thing about the Batwoman rights is that they’ve since said they’re not going to launch their streaming service over here at all, and are going to sell most of the new shows to Sky Atlantic.

  6. Si says:

    @SanityOrMadness I agree. There was an issue of She-Hulk where a guy was suing a company for the accident that gave him a gigantic bodybuilder’s physique. There should be more people who gain fantastical powers but have no intention of becoming a superhero/villain, and want nothing more than to continue their 9-5 job so they can pay the rent. It just makes sense. Also I’m with Iceman’s dad, he should absolutely join the fire brigade if he wants to do real good in the world.

    As for chibi Constantine, I saw a bit of a cartoon my kids were watching (I don’t know what it was) which had a little boy in a trenchcoat, with a lollypop constantly in his mouth. A feeling of dread came over me. It was then confirmed that yes, this was Lil’ John Constantine. It turned out it was a story about regular adult Constantine being turned into a kid and he turned back into an adult by the end, which was slightly less horrifying. But he still had the lollypop, which was slightly more horrifying.

    (no I’m not Si Spurrier)

  7. SanityOrMadness says:

    Si> Also I’m with Iceman’s dad, he should absolutely join the fire brigade if he wants to do real good in the world.

    Maybe more “move to places with wildfire problems, like California”. I don’t think the average fire brigade really has a fire on the sort of scale that needs Iceman very often.

  8. Steve Lacey says:

    I’d read a comic with the subtitle of The Cover-Mounted Man. Unless it was put out by that prick at Terrific Productions…

  9. Luis Dantas says:

    I hope all goes well with ComicBookDB. It is a terrific website with nearly no true competitors.

  10. IP farming is not just about character creation. As Al mentioned, Infinity War/Endgame is an adaptation of Infinity Gauntlet from 1991, but there are plenty of Marvel Studios adaptations from more recent comics. The evidence:
    Big Hero 6 (1998) – for which Marvel gets no credit from Disney, apparently
    Runaways (2003)
    Alias (2004) for the much lauded Jessica Jones TV series, of course.
    Winter Soldier (2005)
    Extremis (2005)for Iron Man 3
    Marvel Civil War (2006)
    Planet Hulk (2006) used for Thor: Ragnarok
    Annihilation (2006) gave us the film version of Guardians of the Galaxy
    and the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder is adapted, at least in part, from Mighty Thor (2015).
    I’m sure I could come up with more, but the point I want to make is that the comics serve more than a symbolic function, that is most true for the stuff that goes back to the Silver Age, but its also quite true for comics of the last 15 years.
    Love your podcast. Peace.

  11. Isaac P says:

    Sad news regarding I sunk countless hours into that site about a decade ago scanning covers and filling out some of the more obscure items in the database. I was eventually invited to be an admin but burnt out on fixing other contributor’s problems instead of doing what I had originally found so rewarding at the site. Still use it for reference quite often.

  12. Jpw says:

    How do we classify the Winter Soldier for the purposes of the “new character” discussion? He is the first character since Deadpool to really catch on. He’s Bucky, who has been around since the 1940s, completely different from anything that came before. Nevertheless, the history as Bucky is an essential element of the character and his impact.

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