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May 16

Charts – 15 May 2020

Posted on Saturday, May 16, 2020 by Paul in Music

A quiet, but otherwise relatively normal, week…

1 DaBaby featuring Roddy Rich – “Rockstar”

This has climbed to number one by the somewhat unusual route of 29-27-6-1. Apparently that’s because it’s gone viral on TikTok, which I gather is one of those young people things.

This is DaBaby’s first hit as lead artist, but he doesn’t quite qualify as a one-hit wonder thanks to a previous guest role on a Camila Cabello single that got to 13. Ricch, of course, is following up “The Box”, which got to number 2 and spent nearly two months in the top five – he’s arguably the bigger draw here.

4. Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – “Stuck With U”

Are we tiring of the lockdown charity collaborations, then? Or maybe it’s just that this is a rather forgettable song, even though Grande gives it her best. Or maybe it’s that this record is in aid of a North American charity, so it’s not going to draw the same support internationally.

6. 6ix9ine – “Gooba”

The lead single from 6ix9ine’s new album is slightly less one-note than before, but it’s not going to do that much to change his reputation as one of the most negligible talents in rap today. He was meant to be in jail this year, but the Covid 19 pandemic got him released to home arrest due to his asthma. The video above was apparently filmed in his garden, and yes, they did ask the court for permission.

Further down, “If the World was Ending” by JP Saxe featuring Julia Michaels climbs 16-14. “This City” by Sam Fischer climbs 24-20. “Don’t Need Love” by 220 Kid & Gracey climbs 28-22.

24. Topic featuring A7S – “Breaking Me”

Topic is a German DJ, A7S is a Swedish singer, and it’s the first we’ve heard of either of them. This has been out since last year, and it’s had some success on mainland Europe before finally showing up in the UK.

“Kings & Queens” by Ava Max climbs 33-29, and we wrap up with…

40. Marshmello & Halsey – “Be Kind”

It’s been about a year since we last heard from Marshmello. Oddly, he and Halsey have completely different lyric videos for this song on their respective YouTube channels. (Here’s Mashmello’s.) The song’s a bit by-numbers, honestly, at least in this arrangement.

On the album chart, “Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa returns to number 1 for a fourth week. It’s doing unusually well for a pop album, which are increasingly just singles collections (except for actively songwritery types like Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi).

4. Hayley Williams – “Petals for Armor”

Debut solo album for the singer from Paramore. It’s been pretty well received. The single above is worth a listen.

5. The D-Day Darlings – “I’ll Remember You”

This is an expanded reissue of the album that reached number 15 in 2018 (and somehow lasted six weeks on the album top 40) after this curious quasi-nostalgia act reached the finals of Britain’s Got Talent. Obviously, it’s here to tie in with the anniversary of VE Day.

10. Kehlani – “It was Good Until it Wasn’t”

Her last album didn’t make the top 40, but then it was officially a mixtape, so… make of that what you will. Kehlani has released a total of five albums and mixtapes so far, but her UK chart record remains a total of two charting albums (the other one only got to number 26), a single that got to number 25 last spring, and a guest appearance on a minor Stormzy hit a few years back.

18. Nav – “Good Intentions”

Canadian rapper who’s placed three albums now (again, this is the highest), but still hasn’t registered on the singles chart. The vocal processing on the track above is really irritating.

30. Vera Lynn – “100”

Re-entry of her centennial compilation album from 2017 (which reached number 3 on release). Again, this is connected with VE-Day, though the interest generated by that was pretty shortlived – “We’ll Meet Again” was actually in the top 10 at the start of the chart week, but didn’t even make the top 40 by the end.

Vera Lynn is still alive, and aged 103. Thanks to this compilation, she already held the record for the oldest living artist to have a top 40 album – and there are some original recordings on the album, so it’s not a mere technicality – but it’s unlikely anyone’s going to take that record from her for a long, long time.

32. Lil Durk – “Just Cause Y’all Waited 2”

Finally, the second charting album for Lil Durk. The first one wasn’t “Just Cause Y’all Waited” (which was a mixtape from 2018), but “Love Songs 4 The Streets 2” (which got to 39 last year).

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