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Charts – 5 June 2020

Posted on Saturday, June 6, 2020 by Paul in Music

If it wasn’t for the album releases, there wouldn’t be much going on at all this week…

1 DaBaby featuring Roddy Ricch – “Rockstar”

Returning to number one for a third week, after being interrupted by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande last week. Number 5 is “Breaking Me” by Topic featuring A7S, climbing into the top 10 for the first time.

7. Tion Wayne featuring Dutchavelli & Stormzy – “I Dunno”

Tion Wayne has appeared in the top 10 three times before as a guest star (his all-time best is number 6) but this is his first top 40 appearance as a lead artist. Admittedly, it’s got Stormzy on it, and he’s probably the big draw, but it is a lead billing instead of a “featured” credit. Dutchavelli hasn’t appeared on the singles chart before in any capacity; he’s another London rapper, and he’s the brother of the better known Stefflon Don.

Number 14 is “Don’t Need Love” by 220 Kid & Gracey, climbing from 17. “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles, which has been around since last year but is finally being promoted properly as a single, climbs back to 16 – beating by one place its previous peak from January.

17. Lady Gaga & Blackpink – “Sour Candy”
29. Lady Gaga – “Alice”

Together with “Rain On Me” (still at number 2), these are the maximum three tracks from Lady Gaga’s album “Chromatica”, which enters the album chart at number 1 to become her fourth number one album after a seven-year gap. (2016’s “Joanne” only managed 3.)

Neither of these tracks has a video; they’re just being cherrypicked from the album. Blackpink are a K-pop girl band who’ve previous notched a couple of singles in the 30s, but doubtless have enough of a following to draw some extra attention to their track, which isn’t otherwise an standout to my mind. “Alice” feels like a more obvious future single.

Number 18 is “Secrets” by Regard & Raye, which climbs 25-18. “Party Girl” by Staysolidrocky climbs 28-24. And “Ily (I Love You Baby)” by Surf Mesa featuring Emilee climbs 36-26, which feels like it’s got some momentum behind it. “Who’s That What’s That” by Niko B climbs 39-33.

36. Aitch – “30”

Another single from his EP “Polaris”, which enters the album chart at number 7. I think this is the first video I’ve seen which is obviously filmed during the social distancing era but isn’t trying to make that the focal point.

On the album chart, “Chromatica” by Lady Gaga is number 1, but we’ve had that.

6. Kygo – “Golden Hour”

Includes the remix of “Higher Love” that got to number 2 last year. It’s clearly restored Kygo to some form of prominence, since his 2017 album “Kids in Love” only got to number 35.

Number 7 is the Aitch EP just mentioned, and…

21. Vistas – “Everything Changes in the End”

Indie guitar band from Edinburgh, which is usually something of a musical dead zone considering its size. (Yes, the Bay City Rollers, the Proclaimers, Idlewild… but it’s not much when you consider that Edinburgh is a university town with a larger population than the whole of Iceland.)

22. Rush – “Permanent Waves”

40th anniversary reissue. The album reached number 3 on release in 1980, making it their joint highest-placing album (along with 1981’s “Moving Pictures” and 1982’s “Signals”). “The Spirit of Radio” remains their highest-placing single, reaching number 13.

37. Christine & The Queens – “La Vita Nuova”

An EP accompanying a short film of the same name. A version including the film was released in March and reached number 85; this is the audio-only version, which has probably split the sales a bit.

40. The Dutty Moonshine Big Band – “City of Sin”

Curious dance / big band hybrid act, making their first appearance on the album chart. Not sure the single really gets their USP across.

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