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Aug 23

Charts – 21 August 2020

Posted on Sunday, August 23, 2020 by Paul in Music

It’s quite an eclectic week.

1. Joel Corry featuring MNEK – “Head & Heart”

Five weeks – which is the longest uninterrupted run of the year. (“Blinding Lights” had eight weeks total, though.) It’s been ages since we had a dance record spend this long at number one, and it seems all the stranger that it’s happening at a time when all the clubs are closed. But there we are.

“WAP” by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion climbs 4-2. So it’s now clearly the biggest hit for either of them, and a strong contender to be the next number one.

4. Drake featuring Lil Durk – “Laugh Now Cry Later”

No shortage of product placement in that video. It’s the lead single from Drake’s sixth album, and as a record it’s perfectly decent – in a “yup, that’s certainly another Drake single” kind of way. But yikes, that is a corporate infomercial up above there. Guest Lil Durk gets his first appearance on the singles chart, though he has placed a couple of mixtapes in the lower reaches of the album top 40 over the last year.

“Mood Swings” by Pop Smoke featuring Lil Tjay climbs 8-6, and the other Drake single – his guest appearance on “Greece” by DJ Khaled – climbs 9-8. “Looking for Me” by Paul Woolford & Diplo featuring Kareen Lomax climbs 29-14.

15. Miley Cyrus – “Midnight Sky”

Well, that turned out to be miles better than I was expecting. The video still has some of the “trying too hard” tendencies that have always plagued Miley Cyrus’s singles – though overall it’s decent enough within the limitations of the pandemic era. But the song is a really good 80s-retro number that actually makes the most of her voice for a change. This is definitely worth a play.

Number 15 is the highest position for a Miley Cyrus solo single since “Malibu” back in 2017, though she did appear with Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey on the Charlie’s Angels single that got to number 2 last year.

“Holiday” by Little Mix climbs 19-17, and “Take You Dancing” by Jason Derulo climbs an impressive 34-19. “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by – sigh – Kygo & Tina Turner edges up one more place to 31.

34. Tate McRae – “You Broke Me First”

Debut hit. Tate McRae is a Canadian teenager who is already kind of on her second go at fame in north America – at the age of 13, she was a finalist in So You Think You Can Dance. None of which means anything much in the UK. But it turns out she’s a pretty good singer too, and I can see this going further. Oddly, this hasn’t done much on the Canadian charts, but it has made the top ten in Singapore.

39. Dua Lipa – “Levitating”

Last week, “Hallucinate” finally made the top 40 – and indeed it climbs to 35 this week – but Dua Lipa has already moved on to promoting the next single from her album, this time with the benefit of a remix featuring, of all people, Madonna and Missy Elliott. It’s not officially the lead version, though, and so Dua Lipa still gets the sole credit on the chart. So technically it remains the case that Madonna hasn’t had a hit single since 2015, and Missy Elliott not since 2013.

On the album chart… it’s a busy week.

1. Biffy Clyro – “A Celebration of Endings”

Only their third number one album, following 2013’s “Opposites” and 2016’s “Ellipsis”. They’re very much in the elder statesman phase of their career now.

3. Sea Girls – “Open Up Your Head”

Indie guitars. It’s their debut album, and it’s, shall we say, working very much within an established tradition.

6. James Dean Bradfield – “Even In Exile”

This is only the second solo album by James Dean Bradfield from the Manic Street Preachers. The first, “The Great Western”, came out way back in 2006 and only reached number 22. This one is a concept album about Chilean activist and poet Victor Jara (1932-1973) – well, it’s James Dean Bradfield, it was hardly going to be about parties.

8. The Levellers – “Peace”

From the “bloody hell, are they still going” file comes the latest Levellers album – and yes, they are. This album comes only two years after the last one, and it’s their highest chart position since 1997.

11. Burna Boy – “Twice As Tall”

Afro-fusion from Nigeria. This is Burna Boy’s fifth album, and the second to chart in the UK – it’s the follow-up to last year’s “African Giant”, which reached 16. The single’s very good.

12. Kate Rusby – “Hand Me Down”

Folk singer. She’s been around since the turn of the century but this is far and away her highest album chart position – her previous best was number 22, and that was eight years ago. The video above is, er, home-made (for the obvious reasons), but it’s a very good cover of “Manic Monday”.

17. Rumer – “Nashville Tears”

It’s been four years since Rumer’s last album, a collection of Bacharach & David songs that only made number 28. This is still covers, and still placing lower than she used to with her own material.

26. Jim Bob – “Pop Up”

Yes, the one from Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. He’s been releasing solo albums under various names for years, but this one brings him back to the album chart for the first time since the mid-nineties.

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    Very interesting Miley Cyrus song/video, but uh, does she smoke? Her voice is kind of not all there.

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