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Aug 6

Special bonus video thing!

Posted on Saturday, August 6, 2011 by Paul in Podcast, Shameless Self-Promotion

We mentioned a while back that we were recording a segment for the Thumbcast’s upcoming video episode.  And here it is, for those of you who’ve always wanted to know what Al’s sofa looks like.

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Bring on the comments

  1. Cristian says:

    When Rob Liefeld is drawing one of the books and you STILL can find less promising ones, you realize they haven’t planned this reboot very well.

  2. Thom says:

    All my illusions… shattered…

  3. Paul says:

    I’m not sure I want to know what people imagined we looked like.

  4. Thom says:

    You were drawn by Frazer Irving, it was magical…

  5. Ken B. says:

    Excellent video, proper British deadpan and pure righteous anger at JT Krul.

    I would like to see one of these for Marvel too at some point, since they continue to glut the market with titles that have no chance of succeeding.

  6. robniles says:

    I, um…I’m kind of coveting that wallpaper.

    I’m one of those people who’ve been known to go on about loving Suicide Squad in the ’80s, but: duly noted.

  7. I thought Paul was going to look older and Al was going to look skinnier. You guys switched bodies on me.

  8. brandon says:

    I simply can’t believe you can make it through these types of segments without laughing hysterically….viking long boat? Epic!

  9. Kid Nixon says:

    I must say…

    Paul is very handsome.

  10. Max says:

    I probably wasn’t going to go for these five anyway. Or Hawke and Dove. Also, how did you get my grandma’s wall paper.

  11. Jim Lard says:

    MMmmmm sofa looks very comfy. I need a new sofa.

    Fortunately I wasn’t planning to buy any of these books anyway, though I might have tried Red Lanterns if it wasn’t connected to any of the other Green Lantern stuff… after all “Grrrr! Angry!” worked for the Hulk.

  12. Weblaus says:

    I’m a bit baffled how it’s possible that you’re sitting on the same couch with (presumably) the same microphone used, but while Paul sounds loud and clear, Al’s voice sounds somehow muffled and as if he’s noticably further away. Strange…

  13. Blair says:

    “If this is a vehicle for David Finch then the vehicle is a blazing viking longboat.”

    Amazing. Al, I tip my hat to you.

    If you guys are up for more videos I would like to see them. It might be good to do some of your rants in video form. For example I’m sure it would have been entertaining to see Paul’s face as he unloaded about the Prelude To Schism mini.

  14. Al says:

    Thanks for the kind words, folks. Weblaus, Paul and I were wearing individual mics (you can see mine clipped to the neck of my t-shirt), one of which was more sensitive than the other.

  15. Joe S. Walker says:

    For some familiar music in a surprising context, check below:

  16. Paul says:

    Are you sure you intended to link to a Zip file?

  17. Curt says:

    I’d definitely like to see more videos like this: short one-offs and the like. Well done gents.

  18. […] podcast this week, but regular listeners will surely want to check out our special bonus video thing, one post down.  Thanks again to the Thumbcast for actually making the […]

  19. Blair says:

    There was a video on brazzers (I believe starring Gina Lynn) that featured the House To Astonish music. It kind of threw me for a second.

  20. Joe S. Walker says:

    Yes Paul, I downloaded it and opened it, and did a double take.

  21. Justin says:

    Really entertaining to see you guys! I’ve been reading paul’s reviews forever, it was cool to finally put a face to the personality, and al (who is already very amusing in the podcast to begin with) was way funnier on video.

  22. AndyD says:

    Nice to see you in person 🙂 I don´t know what I expected, but somehow it fit. Well done!

  23. robniles says:

    I love that the YouTube screencap (or whatever it’s called) is Al in what’s essentially a HULK SMASH! pose.

  24. Rik says:

    Fabulous, really enjoyed it. More please!

  25. Jim says:

    Argh! Illusions ruined! Put them away!

    No, really, very good. More of this please.

  26. Glad everyone enjoyed it.

    Just a word about the audio. The mic Al was wearing isn’t the most powerful, sadly, so the audio from his ended up a bit distorted (basically Paul’s mic was bigger and a bully). So that’s why he sounds slightly muffled and the Batman: The Dark Knight bit at the end has a wee bit of interference on it.

    Thanks again to Al and Paul for being sports and taking part – the video episode of the Thumbcast is going up at our YouTube channel as a sort of rolling experimental thing. Enjoy!

  27. Leo says:

    Loved the video podcast and i hope HTA will become a video podcast eventually not just audio. But please, do get a better mic for Al and a cameraman who doesn’t hate him. Anyway, I too liked having faces to the voices and I hope you will continue with more and longer videos

  28. Al says:

    A cameraman who doesn’t hate me? Well, Iain was the cameraman, and he’s always seemed well-disposed towards me…

  29. Leo says:

    OK, hate is too strong a word, but he kept on zooming in and out on you while you were talking, or turning reluctantly the camera to you when you spoke after Paul. Or maybe it’s just me, nitpicking.

  30. Ken Robinson says:

    That was, far and away, the best possible summary of Rise to Arsenal imaginable. Well done, Al.

  31. Luke says:

    I vaguely knew what Paul looked like from half-remembered photos on ninthart and your livejournal, but I always imagined Al to be a shorter version of Alex James with a floppy shock of black hair.
    I really can’t explain that…

  32. Diana Kingston-Gabai says:

    Truth be told, I always thought “Rise of Arsenal” won that award for portraying J.T. Krul’s mental illness… 🙂

  33. Niall says:

    I assumed Paul was bald.

    He sounds bald.

  34. cornishB says:

    Well I’m shocked.
    Peter Milligan wrote for Crossroads???
    What’s next – did Morrison write the Bouncer’s dream episode of Neighbors? Ennis on Corrie with much anal sex hilarity?

  35. Daibhid Ceannaideach says:

    Paul Cornell also wrote for Crossroads. I smell a crossover!

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