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Jan 11

House to Astonish Episode 189

Posted on Monday, January 11, 2021 by Al in Podcast

It’s the Homies awards! We look back at The Year of Big Pando in comics, and pick out winners in the many and various categories which long-term listeners will have come to know and tolerate. Where did your favourites place? Find out here! Unless you voted for something that didn’t win, in which case, you’ll have to go through the voting thread and tot up the league table yourself, sorry.

Also in this podcast! An important message to you from the editor — about the NEW Astonishing!

You can get the podcast here, or here on Mixcloud, or via the embedded player below. Let us know what you thought, in the comments thread, on Twitter, via email or on our Facebook fan page.

And if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, congratulations! You’ve probably got weather that would justify you buying one of our beautiful t-shirts!

Bring on the comments

  1. Mark Coale says:

    Obligatory love for the all too brief Kesel/Nord DD run.

    Looking forward to the new pod. For a second, I thought it would be an X Book or maybe even PM&IF.

  2. Martin Smith says:

    The second podcast sounds good. I (re-)read the original run of Thunderbolts through the end of Scuzzy McTechface’s run year before last and there’s a lot of good and interesting stuff in there. And some other stuff too.

  3. Daibhid C says:

    I can understand them not renumbering JLD when Ram V takes over because it really is a continuation of the version Tynion spun out of No Justice – it’s Di, Zee, Kirk, Johnny, Alec and the chimp trying to stop the Upside-Down Man. In fact, Tynion and V are co-writers for his first storyline.

  4. Michael Keloisim says:

    My Little Pony / Transformers : Friendship in Disguise is the real winner this year. Recount !

  5. Peter Singer says:

    @Michael Keloisim

    Is… is that a REAL, ACTUAL THING?!!

  6. Mark Coale says:

    And here I thought we’d finally escaped the tyranny of Transformers comics in the Homies awards, 😉

  7. Michael Keloisim says:

    Yes! It’s like those mash up covers you see…but it actually exists! 4 issues published earlier in 2020 by IDW. Grimlock makes friends with Spike and Megatron finally meets his match against Twilight Sparkle and the rest of Ponyville.

  8. Person of Con says:

    Thanks for the list of loads of comics to read! And I’m very eager to listen to the new project. Obviously, you don’t *have* to keep following the series up till the Jeff Parker run, but depriving yourself of it seems just plain unfair.

  9. Al says:

    The intention is that we would do at least up to the renumbered #175, but we’ll see how we get on after that (it’s a long way in the future!). If we don’t get to the point where I get to wax rhapsodic about Troll, I’ll be very disappointed.

  10. Any chance of a list of the winners in the comments? I listened to the podcast but was in bed in the middle of the night and didn’t have any easy way to jot them down to investigate. But lots sounded great!

  11. Adam says:

    ^ Seconded.

    Looking forward to the new podcast.

  12. […] to Astonish returns, and it’s (possibly) the tenth annual Homies awards for the best comics/creators from the year that wasn’t, more love for Superman Smashes the […]

  13. Allan M says:

    Al starting a new comics podcast, re-reading a classic series, that is not the New Warriors, is shaking my understanding of the universe.

    As for Thunderbolts, remember to include #-1 somewhere in the first year. Partially since that’s when it was published, about the original roster. And also because it’s terrific – the Moonstone sequence is textbook “how to make readers despise a character in three panels or less.”

    It’s just a guest appearance, but I also love their issue in Ostrander’s Heroes For Hire #7, during that first year. Pascual Ferry’s art is still very rough but the energy and talent is so clear. If nothing else, an exasperated Zemo yelling “AM I FOREVER TO BE PLAGUED BY LITTLE GIRLS?” is golden.

  14. Tim M says:

    The announcement of the new podcast kind of made my day. I’m really looking forward to it.

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