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May 11

Charts – 7 May 2021

Posted on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 by Paul in Music

Well, here’s a track I didn’t expect to get to number 1. “Montero” drops to 2 after five weeks, and…

1. Tion Wayne & Russ Millions – “Body”

That’s the remix video above, which isn’t officially the lead version – but it’s the version that’s largely responsible for pushing it up to number 1. This has climbed 21-12-11-14-4-1, with the remix coming out over the last couple of weeks. It’s being billed as the first drill number one, and fair enough, I guess – though it’s at the radio friendly end of the genre, as you might imagine. Tion Wayne has had three previous top ten hits, but this is his first time in the top 5. Russ’s previous best was number 7.

The only previous Wayne to reach number one was Lil Wayne, who guested on DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One” in 2017 (at the end of a long list of participants). The only previous Russ to reach number one was Russ Conway, with his 1959 hits “Side Saddle” and “Roulette”.

5. Billie Eilish – “Your Power”

The third single from her upcoming album is a definite style shift, heavy on the acoustic guitars and showing off a bit of range. It’s rather beautiful. All three singles from the album have placed in the top 10.

15. Little Mix – “Confetti”

This previously charted as an album track last November, when it managed a week at number 23. It’s now been promoted to a proper single, complete with this rather overlong video, which decides to add both an extra verse by Saweetie and some schtick with RuPaul’s Drag Race in the middle. Not sure it’s the sort of song where you can stick that much into it. It’s the first video Little Mix have released as a trio following Jesy Nelson’s departure at the end of last year. Since Perrie Edwards is now pregnant, and the album has been out for six months by now, you have to figure this is probably the end of the promotional cycle for now.

37. Bad Boy Chiller Crew – “Don’t You Worry About Me”

YouTubers from Bradford who apparently diversified from comedy videos into bassline. It says here. It’s catchy, but it’s decidedly amateur hour, this. God, the video ends by giving their manager’s Twitter account.

38. Nathan Dawe x Anne-Marie x MoStack – “Way Too Long”

This has been hovering outside the top 40 for three weeks already, and now scrapes an appearance.

This week’s climbers:

  • “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat featuring SZA climbs 6-3. Still not quite Doja Cat’s biggest hit, but it’s getting there.
  • “Save Your Tears” by the Weeknd climbs 20-8. This has been on the chart since January and only now makes the top 10. It’s his tenth top ten hit.
  • “Astronaut in the Ocean” by Masked Wolf climbs 16-14.
  • “Rasputin” by Majestic & Boney M climbs 21-18.
  • “Didn’t Know” by Tom Zanetti climbs 24-22. That’s five weeks of straight climbing.
  • “Runaway” by Aurora – which, remember, is a back catalogue single – climbs 29-25.
  • “Little More Love” by AJ Tracey climbs 30-26.
  • “Anywhere Away From Here” by Rag’n’Bone Man & Pink climbs 32-31.
  • “Nice to Meet Ya” by Wes Nelson featuring Yxng Bane climbs 36-33.

The album chart is… top-heavyu with new entries.

1. Royal Blood – “Typhoons”

Their third album, their third number one.

2. The Coral – “Coral Island”

This week’s entry for the “god, are they still going” file. The Coral never split – they’ve released albums every 2-3 years and place consistently in the top 20. But they haven’t been in the top 10 since 2007, and they haven’t been as high as this since 2003 (when they scored their only number one album, “Magic & Medicine”).

3. Mick Fleetwood & Friends – “Celebrate the Music of Peter Green”

This was a live album in which Fleetwood Mac’s drummer roped in a bunch of other stars to pay tribute to founder member Peter Green, who left the group in 1970. He died last July, but the concert was recorded earlier in the year, just before the pandemic took hold.

4. Birdy – “Young Heart”

Matching the position of her previous album “Beautiful Lies”, back in 2016. She started ridiculously young, so after a decade-long career and four albums, she’s still only 24.

6. Gojira – “Fortitude”

French metal. This is their seventh album, their third to chart in the UK, and the first time they’ve made the top 20.

7. Girl in Red – “If I Could Make it Go Quiet”

Debut album from Norwegian Marie Ulven, self-released. Not sure what I think of this song – lyrically it’s very on the nose indeed, but I think the contrast with the music makes it work.

8. Pink Floyd – “Live at Knebworth 1990”

Self-explanatory, really.

10. DJ Khaled – “Khaled Khaled”

Of course it’s called “Khaled Khaled”. The singles “Popstar” and “Greece” both made the top 20. It’s his fourth top 10 album, remarkably. Or the fourth album to come out under the DJ Khaled brand, if you prefer.

11. Teenage Fanclub – “Endless Arcade”

Number 11 pretty much matches the position of their previous album, 2016’s “Here”. Their highest placed album was “Songs from Northern Britain”, which reached number 3 in 1997. The band name has become decreasingly accurate with the passage of time. Compare their 1990 single “God Knows It’s True.”

And rounding us off for the week…

31. Pet Shop Boys – “Discovery – Live in Rio 1994”

Ah, 1994. This is the tail end of the days when the Pet Shop Boys were regularly having big hits, and a period in which they were experimenting with, um, some interesting new staging. It’s understandable that they thought that the regular TV act – both motionless, one wears a suit, the other has a synth – needed a bit of freshening up, but boy, they really committed to the idea.


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