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Nov 4

House to Astonish Presents: The Lightning Round Episode 17

Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2023 by Al in Podcast

The Thunderbolts are on a collision course with Scourge (and issue 50), but right now they’ve got to deal with Moonstone’s identity crisis, the Battle of Techno’s Ear and the arrival of Genis-Vell, as we look at issues 45-47 from the turn of the millennium. Plus Cybergoth Santa, the Titanian Smurfs and the concept of Pink Pavements crossovers.

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Bring on the comments

  1. Si says:

    There was a Guarians of the Galaxy story in the last few years, where the modern, movie line-up met the original line-up from the future, and then a third line-up from the past showed up. Were they the version seen in Thunderbolts? I had a quick look, but there’s literally dozens of GoTG titles, much more work than my idle curiosity allows for.

  2. Bengt says:

    The “Guardians 3000” mini series from 2014 has the original Guardians team up with the current. I don’t think this lot appears there though, on the fandom wiki they have very few appearances (all in Thunderbolts).

  3. Krzysiek Ceran says:

    Following the Smurfs’ naming conventions that would be Genocide Smurf and, at best, Sleazy Smurf.

  4. Mark Coale says:

    Latveria would not only have Doom Khalifa but Doom would start his own futbol league and bring in Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez, Neymar and the rest to play there.

    Also imagining Doomstadt playing in the Champions League and Doom inventing his own words to the theme.

  5. Daibhid C says:

    Regarding whether Starfox should have been the adjudicator in the Moonstone question, I have to say that Killgrave But He’s A Good Guy Apparently is the last person I’d want to judge a moral question involving consent issues.

  6. @Mark Coale, you know it had never occurred to me until your comment, but the most popular sport in Latveria’s part of Europe is football, so it is likely that Doom — if he likes sport at all — is a football fan, and that’s a lovely image.

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