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Jan 14


Posted on Saturday, January 14, 2023 by Paul in Uncategorized

Just for anyone wondering, the rest of this week’s posts are probably going to wind up slipping a week or so. I’ll catch up in due course.

Bring on the comments

  1. RaoulSeagull says:

    No worries man, take as long as you want. I appreciate these write-ups a huge amount, they’ve really enhanced the experience of the Hickman era and have helped me understand the more obscure references. Hope you keep it up when you’re ready!

  2. Michael Keloisim says:

    Give up on the X-Men. DULL. Go against the grain in 2023… do a deep dive on Power Pack. Or ROM. Maybe Archie…

  3. Moonstar Dynasty says:

    how dare you

  4. Nu-D says:

    Hope everything’s alright.

  5. Paul says:

    Oh, absolutely. Just busy, that’s all.

  6. KidInfinity says:

    I absolutely second RaoulSeagull’s comment—I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE all the hard work you put into these Annotations, Paul. The work is incredible, the insight, invaluable. Snarky comments aside, I would probably read “The Annotated ANY Comic” if you wrote it! Thanks again for all the hard work & treasure-trove of references & historic perspective these last few years! It truly adds so much to my enjoyment of these books, and indeed, this era.

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