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Jan 13

Number 1s of 2010 – 10 January 2010

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 by Paul in Music

With the Christmas period over and X Factor out of the way at last, the charts finally return to business as usual, with 2010’s first wave of new releases.  Apparently it was a fairly close-run thing this week, with new entries at numbers 1 and 2 running neck and neck over the week.  But the first new number one of 2010 is “Replay” by Iyaz.

Iyaz is Keidran Jones, a singer from the Virgin Islands, and this is his debut single in the UK.  His record company are trying to spin him as somebody that Sean Kingston discovered on MySpace; the reality seems to be that he got picked up internationally on the strength of his Caribbean radio hit “Island Girls.” 

“Replay” already reached number two in America, and now it heads to Europe.  It’s produced by JR Rotem, the man who brought you JLS’s “Everybody In Love” and a horde of equally banal R&B pop singles.  This one is at least fairly catchy, and the autotune has been kept in sane boundaries, but that aside, it’s really just more of the same.  It’s fine, it’s inoffensive, but I’m slightly surprised that it’s sold quite this well, when it really doesn’t have all that much to mark it out from the crowd.

The number 2 single is “Riverside (Let’s Go)” by Dutch producer Sidney Samson, also making his UK chart debut.  It’s a dance single which has been around for months, based heavily upon a sample of Tupac Shakur swearing in Juice.  Here’s the Dutch version of the single (with swearing intact, if you care).

The British label,  however, has decided that this isn’t radio friendly enough, and so they’ve bang on a rap from Wizard Sleeve (no, me neither) to recycle a vocal from another single entirely.  The result is certainly more airplay friendly, but it’s not exactly the same record. 

Purists aren’t exactly happy about this, apparently.  Which is pretty trivial in itself, but oddly, the original version doesn’t seem to have been made available in Britain on iTunes – instead, your options are a bewildering array of vocal mixes.  I can’t imagine what they were thinking there.

Also entering the top 40 this week:

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  1. clay says:

    I picked up that Florence & The Machine album, sound unheard, based on a review I read. I was thoroughly impressed. Excellent quality, all around.

  2. Valhallahan says:

    That dutch video was pretty cool.

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