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Nov 6

Charts – 4 November 2016

Posted on Sunday, November 6, 2016 by Paul in Music

Okay, so.  I was going to try and get the long overdue Deadpool v. Gambit review done this week, but to be honest, I want to write that one when I’m in a more suitable mood for being positive about a happy little story.  And doing it this way round means the chart post won’t immediately shove the DvG review down the page.  So.

1.  Little Mix – “Shout Out To My Ex”

Third week, so it’s now their joint longest-running number 1, matching last year’s “Black Magic”.  Unusually, this is number one in sales but not in streams (on the streaming-only chart, it slips to number 2, leaving James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go” to retake the top spot).  That’s unusual, because it’s tended to be the sales that flare out first.

3.  Clean Bandit – “Rockabye”

Up four places in its second week.  That makes it their biggest hit since 2014’s “Real Love” (defining “biggest” as “got highest”, if that wasn’t clear).

6.  Bruno Mars – “24K Magic”

This entered at number 9 three weeks ago, and slid first to 10, then to 11, before rebounding after he performed it on the X Factor results song.  So that show still has some impact, apparently.  But it’s declining – the phenomenon of covered songs entering the charts on download sales has long since vanished, and the Saturday night shows a little over half the audience of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1.  It’s going to be on the schedule for a while yet, but its peak years are receding into the distance.

10.  Drake – “Fake Love” 

Climbing from last week’s 37, where it entered after a midweek release.  It’s now his eighth top ten hit.

11.  Maroon 5 featuring Kendrick Lamar – “Don’t Wanna Know” 

Entered at 16 a couple of weeks back and slipped marginally before climbing again.  It’s still pretty forgettable.

18.  Galantis & Hook N Sling – “Love On Me” 

This has moved 37-27-18, so the momentum is there to go further.  Deservedly so.

20.  Louisa Johnson – “So Good”

Highest new entry!  This is the second solo single from last year’s X Factor winner, who suffered the indignity of seeing her winner’s release enter at number 9, thanks to the combined effect of a midweek download release, a delayed physical release, and a lack of streaming; there’s no streaming equivalent to the commemorative purchases that used to drive winners’ singles to the top.  She was sensibly relaunched in June with a guest appearance on Clean Bandit’s single “Tears”, and now we get to see how the House of Cowell proposes to package her going forward.  And the single is perfectly decent – she can sing, and there’s a nice enough swagger to this.  Number 20 is not a bad entry point in 2016, so she’s still in the game.  The question is where she goes from here.

21.  Jonas Blue featuring Raye – “By Your Side”

Jonas Blue got to number 2 with both of his previous singles (“Perfect Strangers” and a thoroughly unnecessary cover of “Fast Car”), so he’s got a decent shot of going further with this.  Evidently suspicious of the value of videos, or just eager to drive people to the chart-registering streaming services, this only has a 76 second preview available on YouTube (which cuts off just as it gets going), but you can hear the whole thing on Spotify.  Raye is a teenage singer getting a soft launch on this track; she put out a rather more interesting single called “I, U, Us” in August and presumably we can expect her to be pushed for the Sound of 2017 lists.

32.  Kideko & George Kwali featuring Nadia Rose & Sweetie Irie

Dance!  This is good, actually.  So, who are these guys?  Kideko and Kwali are producers; it was originally an instrumental, but Ministry of Sound have slapped a vocal on it, as is their wont.  It works, mind you.  Nadia Rose is making her first chart appearance, but she got a MOBO award this year for her video “SKWOD”, which is indeed a solid piece of work.  Sweetie Irie is a London reggae veteran; his only previous credited chart appearance was in 2001 when “Who”, a collaboration with Ed Case, got to number 29.

On the album chart, greatest hits collections abound.

  • “Back From The Edge” by James Arthur at 1.  His first number 1 album; the self-titled debut from 2013 only got to number 2.  The single “Say You Won’t Let Go” remains at number 2 after eight weeks.
  • “Mapping The Rendezvous” by The Courteeners at 4.  Their fifth album, all of which have placed between numbers 3 and 6.  They stopped having hit singles with album number 2 back in 2010.  Single: “No One Will Ever Replace Us”.
  • “Can’t Touch Us Now” by Madness at 5.  Another new album from the re-formed version of the band.  This is their highest position since “The Liberty of Norton Folgate” in 2009.  Single: “Mr Apples”.
  • “Sleep No More” by Jack Savoretti at 6.  Vaguely folky FM rock.  It’s his fourth album but only the second to chart, improving by one place on last year’s effort.  Single: “When We Were Lovers”.
  • “Upon A Different Shore” by Alexander Armstrong at 8.  You might not think there’d be a huge audience for MOR operatic covers by the presenter of Pointless, but he does have an audience from doing shows on Classic FM too.  Single: “Without A Song”.
  • “The Ultimate Collection” by Roy Orbison at 11.  The latest of many, many greatest hits compilations.  I imagine it has “You Got It” on it.  It should.
  • “I Have A Dream” by Daniel O’Donnell at 12.  Classic songs from the 70s, interpreted in the way that only Daniel O’Donnell can.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Daniel O’Donnell experience, here’s the advert.
  • “The Stage” by Avenged Sevenfold at 13.  Yes, of course that’s right next to Daniel O’Donnell.  Their previous album got to number 1, so this is a bit disappointing.  Here’s the title track.
  • “Remnants” by Leann Rimes at 15.  Interesting.  Rimes hasn’t had a hit in the UK – even on the album chart – since 2007.  This is her first album with a new label (Sony), so apparently some promotion has helped out.  Single: “How To Kiss A Boy”.
  • “The Ultimate Collection” by Black Sabbath at 20.  Greatest hits.  Here’s “Paranoid”.
  • “The Best Of David Gray” at 30.  He hasn’t had a hit single in over a decade but he still puts out an album every few years, and they tend to do okay.  The market for a greatest hits album is apparently more limited.  Here’s “This Year’s Love”.
  • “Dreamland” by Mic Righteous at 34.  UK rap, unusually doing better on the album chart than the singles.  Single: “The Kids”.
  • “Lady Wood” by Tove Lo at 40.  Tove Lo has had a hit single this year, but only as a guest on a Nick Jonas track; the actual single from this album, “Cool Girl”, stalled at 46.

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