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Jul 26

Charts – 26 July 2019

Posted on Friday, July 26, 2019 by Paul in Music


1.  Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello – “Senorita”

I mean, there’s a new number one, but it’s just returning for a second week after getting interrupted by Ed Sheeran’s album release.  Sheeran occupies numbers 2, 3 and 4 with tracks from his new album, reminding us all of why that three-song cap was introduced.  Awkwardly, his top tracks are shuffling position among themselves, so “I Don’t Care”, which dropped out of the chart last week because of the cap, now rebounds straight in to number 3.

5.  Billie Eilish – “Bad Guy”

Since the chart rules lump all versions of a song together, this is listed as the original – but it’s the remix with Justin Bieber that’s actually given it a second lease of life.  It climbs 16-5 this week, though that’s partly because it had drifted onto the lower stream weighting for singles which have been out for months and are clearly past their peak – the chart rules allow for that to be reset if a track starts regaining momentum.

12.  Sam Smith – “How Do You Sleep”

Well, there’s a heatwave and we don’t have air conditioning in this country, so “with difficulty”, I guess.  This has some annoying excessive vocal processing considering that it’s Sam Smith, who’s a singer, you know?  That aside, this isn’t at all bad, and the video gets some mileage out of having him dance for a change.

“3 Nights” by Dominic Fike edges up one more place to 14, now in its tenth week on the top 40.  “Higher Love” by Kygo & Whitney Houston climbs to 15 – her biggest hit in the immediate aftermath of her death was number 14 (“I Will Always Love You”, obviously), and clearly this has a decent shot of beating it.  Her final real hit single, “Million Dollar Bill”, reached number 5, which is further off.  “Castles” by Freya Ridings climbs 26-18 on the release of her self-titled debut album (which is at number 3 on the album chart).  “Find U Again” by Mark Ronson featuring Camila Cabello is up from 30 to 27.  “Ritual” by Tiesto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora climbs 40-28, so it’s getting traction after all.

36.  Ellie Goudling & Juice WRLD – “Hate Me”

This is… pretty good, actually.  It looks like it ought to be one of those random rapper-for-hire collaborations, but these two mesh surprisingly well, and the song suits them both.  Worth a listen.

38.  Joel Corry – “Sorry”

Joel Corry’s claim to fame used to be that he was the boyfriend of Sophie Kaesel from Geordie Shore, the UK version of Jersey Shore, which recently finished its nineteenth series.  He’s now a DJ, although his YouTube channel is also full of personal training videos.  I can’t seem to find any credit for the singer on this track, though he has credited his singers on previous singles.  “Sorry” is a cover version of “Sorry (I Didn’t Know)” by Monsta Boy, which reached number 25 in 2000.

40.  Lil Tecca – “Ransom”

He’s a teenage rapper who came up through Soundcloud, and this was his breakout single in the US.  It’s his first appearance on the UK chart.

On the album chart, Ed Sheeran’s “No 6 Collaborations Project” is predictably still number one.  The self-titled Freya Ridings album is the highest new entry at 3.

5.  Thom Yorke – “Anima”

His third solo album, though one of those was a film soundtrack.  The vinyl version of this came out a few weeks ago and reached number 50, which is why the chart has this listed as a re-entry, but it’s new as far as we’re concerned.

11.  Sabaton – “The Great War”

Sabaton are a Swedish power metal outfit; this is their ninth album, and only the second to chart in the UK.  It’s a concept album about World War I, available in four versions: a regular one, an instrumental one, a version with introductory narration to set the historical context for the songs, and a Patreon-only version with narration from a bloke who does history on YouTube.

14.  Shakespears Sister – “Singles Party (1988-2019)”

Bit of a tenuous title – if it wasn’t for the token new track, it’d be 1988-2010.  Shakespears Sister already released a greatest hits album in 2004, but this is a deluxe affair and it’s promoting a reunion tour.

16.  Brian Eno – “Apollo – Atmospherics and Soundtracks”

A reissue of his 1983 album, which didn’t chart at the time, but has been extensively used in soundtracks ever since.  The album was originally intended as a soundtrack for a documentary of sorts – it consisted simply of footage from Apollo missions with Eno’s music – which eventually got re-edited into a more conventional form a few years later.

29.  Sum 41 – “Order in Decline”

And finally, yes, Sum 41 are still going, and have been all along.  Their 2001 debut album made the top 10 but the next year’s follow-up reached 39 and they didn’t make the album top 40 again until 2016.

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