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Jun 27

Charts – 26 June 2020

Posted on Saturday, June 27, 2020 by Paul in Music

I know I should be selling the post in the opening, but honestly, this is another of those weeks where very, very little is happening.

1 DaBaby featuring Roddy Ricch – “Rockstar”

This is spending its sixth week at number one, but it’s only just got a video. The theme is zombie apocalypse, not something that the song immediately suggests, but okay. And yes, that video was filmed during the pandemic – though the adherence to social distancing isn’t exactly 100% rigorous. Note that it’s now been on the charts for 10 weeks, so it’ll be eligible to get downweighted next week, if it’s far enough past its peak.

It’s a little way down to the first new entry. “Breaking Me” by Topic featuring A7S climbs 4-3. “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” by Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo (the title is for legal reasons, we covered that last week) climbs 22-4, and is taking off in a big way. Derulo hasn’t had a top ten hit since 2017. “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles climbs 11-7 to become his fourth top 10 single. “Don’t Need Love” by 220 Kid & Gracey edges 10-9.

13. GRM Daily, M Huncho & Dutchavelli – “Burning”

One of those credits that makes you wonder how on earth that happened. GRM Daily isn’t an artist, it’s an online platform for grime artists. Even the video on their channel actually lists the artists as “M Huncho x Dutchavelli”. But the official artist credit puts GRM Daily’s name first. They’ve released records in this form before, but it’s the first one to make the singles top 40.

M Huncho has had some minor hits over the last couple of years, none of them getting above 30. Dutchavelli was on Tion Wayne’s “I Dunno”, a top 10 hit which falls to 11 this week.

“Party Girl” by Staysolidrocky climbs 17-16, and “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max, which came out in March and entered the top 40 in early May, climbs 26-21. “ILY (I Love You Baby)” by Surf Mesa featuring Emilee climbs 27-22, and “Go Crazy” by Chris Brown & Young Thug is up 30-33. “Be Kind” by Marshmello & Halsey, which has also been hanging around since mid May, finally makes it to number 33. And finally…

34. HOSH & 1979 featuring Jalja – “Midnight (The Hanging Tree)”

This has been out since April, mostly hovering in the 50s, but in a quiet week it finally gets into the chart. It’s an unremarkable dance cover of “The Hanging Tree” by James Newton Howard & Jennifer Lawrence, from the soundtrack of The Hunger Games, which reached number 14 in 2014. HOSH is a German producer who’s been around since 2006 and finally gets his first hit. 1979 is an Italian producer.

On the album chart…

1. Bob Dylan – “Rough and Rowdy Ways”

Dylan is now 79, and this album sets a new record for the oldest artist to reach number one with a new album. (The “with a new album” bit is to screen out career retrospectives of old material by artists who are still alive; if you count those, the record belongs to Vera Lynn, who had a compilation reach number 1 when she was 92 – which, by coincidence, re-enters at 19 this week.)

This is Dylan’s 40th top ten album, but only his ninth number 1. The other eight are “The Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan” (1964), “Bringing it All Back Home” (1965), “John Wesley Harding” (1968), “Nashville Skyline” (1969), “Self Portrait” (1970), “New Morning” (also 1970), “Together Through LIfe” (2009) and “Shadows in the Night” (2015).

2. Neil Young – “Homegrown”

Well, that’s, er, a video. It’s not the version on the album, obviously, which is a previously unreleased recording from 1974-5. Number 2 is very high for a Neil Young album, but he did have a number 1 with “Harvest” way back in 1972.

6. Phoebe Bridgers – “Punisher”

This is rather good. Bridgers has been around for a while – this is her second album, and she’s also a member of Boygenius and of Better Oblivion Community Center (a collaboration with Conor Oberst) – but it’s her first chart appearance.

16. Lamb of God – “Lamb of God”

From our good friends at Nuclear Blast Records, so you know what to expect. It’s their eighth album (there are also two more released under the name “Burn the Priest”), and their chart peak was back in 2015 when the previous album, “Sturm und Drang”, reached number 7 before dropping out of the top 40 the following week.

37. NSG – “Roots”

And finally for this week, a mixtape by rappers NSG, which includes both of their top 20 hits from, er, over a year ago.

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