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Sep 3

Wolverine #5 annotations

Posted on Thursday, September 3, 2020 by Paul in Annotations

As always, this post contains spoilers, and page numbers go by the digital edition.

WOLVERINE vol 7 #5
by Benjamin Percy & Viktor Bogdanovic

It’s not a continuity-heavy issue, and to be honest, there’s not that much to say about it in those terms.

COVER / PAGE 1. Wolverine is beset by vampire bats.

PAGES 2-4. Dracula and co top up their bloodclocks from the captive Wolverine.

Apparently Wolverine’s healing factor is so good that you can freeze him in ice and he doesn’t suffocate. Not sure how that works. Anyway, the idea here is that Wolverine’s blood is special and carrying it lets vampires walk around in the day, at least for a time. This picks up on a data page from issue #1, which claimed that Wolverine’s blood – thanks to its healing powers – is somewhat similar to the blood of someone who has been bitten by a vampire, but has curative properties and lacks the vulnerability to light.

The point being made throughout this issue is that Wolverine’s long life span, now shared by all mutants thanks to Krakoan resurrection, is not so different from being undead. Not a hugely encouraging thought if you want Krakoa to be a utopia.

PAGE 5. Data page on Wolverine’s blood group. The “E” label comes from the data page in issue #1, where it stood for “Endless”. “1 person in 8 billion” is basically the population of Earth.

PAGES 6-7. Recap and credits.

PAGES 8-9. Vampires cross into America.

PAGES 10-12. The snowmobile-riding teen vampires accidentally free Wolverine.

PAGES 13-14. New vampires are set loose in Minneapolis.

PAGES 15-17. The snowmobile riders start explaining the plot.

Not much in any of this that calls for explanation here. The teens are vampires who have resisted their urges and are living off animals – not the first time we’ve seen this from Marvel vampires who have strong enough wills to retain their normal personalities.

PAGE 18. Data page. Logan is writing (presumably after the end of the issue) to Louise, the vampire-fighting Nightguard member he met in the back-up strip from issue #1.

PAGE 19. The vampires explain that the last remaining town for Dracula to attack is Black River Falls.

There is a town called Black River Falls, but it’s in Wisconsin, not Ontario.

PAGES 20-25. Wolverine and the vampire teens save Black River Falls.

Apparently, the vampires’ plan was just to leave Logan to thaw out, so that he wouldn’t know what they’d been doing with his blood. Instead, he’s on the hunt now.

PAGE 26. Trailers. No “next issue” page, because instead we get…

PAGE 27. Wolverine is teleported away by Bifrost.

If you don’t know what this is, there’s nothing on the page to explain it – which seems to defeat the point of it being there. It’s a trailer for Fortnite Season 4, in which various Marvel characters are transported to the world of Fortnite to stop Galactus from eating it. Yes, this thing is in continuity, though since it takes place between panels of an already-completed Thor storyline and didn’t merit any mention in the subsequent issues, you rather suspect it’s not going to be all that important. Wolverine’s arrival in Fortnite can be read in a free comic posted to Marvel Unlimited this week, entitled Fortnite X Marvel – Nexus War: Thor.

Bring on the comments

  1. Chris V says:

    Those vampires better be careful! Apparently, they don’t know about Hellcow.
    The only thing that could make “Dawn of X” even better is Krakoa being attacked by an army of vampiric farm animals.

  2. The Other Michael says:

    So if Wolverine’s blood type is unique (1 in 8 billion anyway), where do all the OTHER people with healing factors fit in? Especially Creed, Laura (and Gabby), and so on? I mean, you can argue for Creed’s blood type being different (type F?) but since Laura’s basically a clone of Logan, and so on…

  3. Si says:

    That crossover looks well worth disrupting a story over. Thor (in his worst incarnation) fights a huge banana with a face. It makes fighting Daytime Dracula seem sensible.

  4. Paul says:

    Well, you can always argue that Logan’s blood is unique because of the combination of the healing powers and what would otherwise have been is blood type. Laura isn’t a straight clone of Logan, despite what they used to say all the time (I think it was finally officially dropped during Tom Taylor’s run, with Sarah Kinney being acknowledged as Laura’s genetic mother).

  5. Will Cooling says:

    So this mean that Paul has to get a Playstation to catch up and review on the Fortnite/Marvel storyline 🙂

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