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Feb 6

Charts – 7 February 2021

Posted on Saturday, February 6, 2021 by Paul in Music

Apparently nobody is up for releasing singles in the same week as the Fredo album.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers License”

Four weeks, and it’s still not even close. “Drivers License” has double the points of its nearest competition, and is still getting over 8 million streams a week. “Wellerman” by Nathan Evans featuring 220Kid & Billen Ted climbs 3-2, but it’s not likely to get any further against this sort of competition.

3. Fredo featuring Dave – “Money Talks”
18. Fredo featuring Pop Smoke & Young Adz – “Burner on Deck”
21. Fredo featuring Summer Walker – “Ready”

Three tracks from Fredo’s album “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”, which enters the album chart at number 2. That’s his highest position to date, but only just – his 2018 and 2019 releases both got to number 5. Fredo’s biggest hit single remains his appearance on Dave’s “Freaky Friday”, a number 1 in 2018; his previous best as a lead artist was number 13. It obviously helps “Money Talks” that Dave appears as a credited guest, and he’s an executive producer on the entire album to boot. Still, this seems like a step up in Fredo’s personal drawing power.

The other two tracks are album tracks – which displace last week’s “Back to Basics” under the three-track rule. “Burner on Deck” features one of the occasional solo outings for Young Adz, a member of the ultra-prolific D-Block Europe, who does  crop up as a solo guest credit from time to time. This matches his previous solo best (“Waze”, a collaboration with Skepta and Chip from last year). It’s less rigidly formulaic than D-Block Europe work, but your mileage will vary as to whether you can put up with the autotuning. Summer Walker’s only previous UK hit single was “Playing Games”, which reached number 24 in 2019; “Ready” draws heavily on the Fugees’ 1996 number 1 “Ready or Not”.

And… that’s it for new entries on the singles chart. Really. To run through the climbers… “The Business” by Tiesto climbs 14-11. “Streets” by Doja Cat climbs 18-12. “Friday” by Riton & the Nightcrawlers featuring Mufasa & Hypeman climbs 37-24. “Save Your Tears” by the Weeknd is up from 34-31. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals, which finally charted last week after being out for months, climbs 38-34. And “Regardless” by Raye & Rudimental is up 40-37.

Quiet, then. On the album chart, things are only a little busier.

1. Celeste – “Not Your Muse”

It’s her debut album, and somehow it didn’t manage to get any tracks into the singles chart. They really should re-promote “Stop This Flame”, which could surely have been a hit. Despite the video, she’s not from New Orleans – she was born in California but she grew up in Brighton.

Number 2 is the Fredo album.

3. Arlo Parks – “Collapsed in Sunbeams”

Another debut album. This is rather good too! I’m going to have to set aside time to listen to this properly.

4. Steven Wilson – “The Future Bites”

His sixth studio album (on top of the ones he made with bands like Porcupine Tree). After years of mid-table album positions, 2017’s “To The Bone” got to number 3, and this more or less matches it.

7. Chip – “Snakes & Ladders”

That’s his highest position for a completely solo album since 2009, when he was still going by Chipmunk. He did have a number 3 album last year, but it was co-credited to Skepta and Young Adz.

30. Goat Girl – “On All Fours”

London indie. Their previous album in 2018 got to number 24, so little change.

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  1. Karl_H says:

    I was honestly surprised to see Steven Wilson — as an old fart with zero current pop music knowledge, I’m usually only glancingly familiar with the artists on these charts, but I know Wilson from his Porcupine Tree phase. Looks like he’s charted before, too. I assume he’s leaning away from the prog-rock stuff and more into pop.

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