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May 15

Charts – 14 May 2021

Posted on Saturday, May 15, 2021 by Paul in Music

This was the week of the Brit Awards, and since performing your song on primetime TV to an audience who don’t necessarily care all that much about music tends to bring in new listeners, there are a couple of unlikely rebounds further down the chart. But it makes no difference to…

1. Tion Wayne & Russ Millions – “Body”

…which gets a second week at number 1, and continues to grow. It has twice the streams of the number 2 single (which is “Montero”, a record on its way down). So it looks set to be here for a while.

12. Coldplay – “Higher Power”

Produced by Max Martin, and it sounds it. This is the lead single for their ninth album, somewhat bizarrely promoted with a video livestream from the International Space Station. Coldplay’s last hit single was “Orphans” in 2019, but they haven’t been this high up the chart since 2017 (when they got to number 2 in a collaboration with the Chainsmokers).

25. J Cole – “Interlude”

Or “i n t e r l u d e”, if you prefer. The spacing might be intended to help distinguish it from the other “Interlude” by J Cole, which is a track from his 2011 debut album.

J Cole hasn’t had a UK hit since his 2019 track “Middle Child” – which was his biggest hit, reaching number 9. He did release a single in 2020, the wonderfully titled “Lion King on Ice”, but it only got to 65. An unusual choice of single, this is only just over two minutes long, and has a single verse.

Apparently, that’s not a sample – it’s a loop that was specially recorded for the song.

32. Trippie Redd featuring Playboi Carti – “Miss the Rage”

Goodness, two American rap tracks in a row. Feels like that’s not so common any more. This is Trippie Redd’s first hit as lead artist; his only previous top 40 appearance was a guest on KSI’s “Wake Up Call” last year. Playboy Carti’s only previous hit was guesting on a Drake album track.

39. Noizu – “Summer 91 (Looking Back)”

Debut hit. Noizu is an LA producer, and this is… well, ultra-faithful retro. It even samples the “Yeah” hook from Moby’s “Go”, which came out in 1989. (Which is, in turn, a sample from Jocelyn Brown’s “Love’s Gonna Get You”, but if Noizu went back to the original source, he’s certainly treated it in exactly the same way.)

This week’s climbers:

  • “Anywhere Away From Here” by Rag’n’Bone Man & Pink climbs 31-9. This is because of a performance at the Brit Awards joined by the Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir (who you might remember for their 2016 Christmas number one “A Bridge Over You”). That version has been released as a charity single, but it’s not registered as the lead version of the single, so for now at least, the Choir remain technically one-hit wonders. Pink appears pre-recorded on that performance, because if she’d flown in, she’d have had to quarantine. This is now Rag’n’Bone Man’s third top 10 hit (after “Human” and “Giant”), and Pink’s 22nd – she had a number 8 hit as recently as 2019.
  • “Without You” by Kid Laroi rebounds from 30-13, which isn’t a new high (it peaked at 2 in February), but is large enough to be worth a mention. It’s here because it’s been reissued in a new mix as a duet with Miley Cyrus, but again, she’s not presently being given chart billing because it’s not the lead version.
  • “Don’t You Worry About Me” by Bad Boy Chiller Crew climbs 37-34.

On the album chart:

1. Rag’n’Bone Man – “Life by Misadventure”

His second proper album (an EP called “Wolves” also made the lower reaches of the album chart in 2017), and his second number one. We’ve already mentioned the current single

2. Michael Ball – “We Are More Than One”

Well, yes. Unless we’re the queen, that’s very much how “we” works. This is Michael Ball’s 25th top 40 album in a career dating back to 1992 (counting the collaborations), and the last six all reached either 1 or 2.

3. Dodie – “Build a Problem”

I love this video. Gently cryptic magical realism. We don’t get enough of it in these terrible days. Dodie’s had three previous album chart appearances, all of which were notionally EPs, but two of them still made the top 10. This is officially her first album proper, and her highest place yet.

4. Squid – “Bright Green Field”

Post-punk… so I’m not quite sure how they wound up signed to Warp. They’re from Bristol, and this is their debut. And, wow, that’s a high budget video for something so uncommercial (and long).

5. Van Morrison – “Latest Record Project – Vol 1”

Van Morrison’s paranoid anti-lockdown protest records haven’t done his critical reputation any favours, and this double album by all accounts does little to change that. (“Reminiscent of a dinner party with a bitter divorcee” – The Guardian. “Transparently insane” – Pitchfork.) Still, it’s his sixteenth top 10 album, and if you think this sounds egomaniacal, bear in mind the previous two albums were called “Three Chords and the Truth” and “The Prophet Speaks”.

30. Weezer – “Van Weezer”

Weezer’s fifteenth album has been awaiting release for a over a year – the video above was for a single released in September 2019. Like many artists, they delayed the release when the pandemic hit. I don’t know if they’ve given up waiting or just decided that the light is now at the end of the tunnel.

32. New Order – “Education Entertainment Recreation”

Live album from 2018.

33. Amy Winehouse – “At the BBC”

Exactly what it sounds like – a compilation of performances for the BBC. This album was first released in 2012 and, surprisingly, failed to make the top 40. The reissued version also two extra CDs, both of which feature performances that have previously been released on DVD.

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