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Jun 15

Charts – 11 June 2021

Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 by Paul in Music

We missed last week’s chart, so a bit of catching up to do here…

1. Olivia Rodrigo – “Good 4 U”

Three weeks, and doing nicely – it had 11.2 million streams last week. While it was only to be expected that her album “Sour” would get the maximum three tracks into the singles chart in its first week, they’re still there – “Deja Vu” is at 4, and “Traitor” is at a peak position of 5. And that means she has three singles in the top 5 – not unheard of, but very much A-lister territory.

The number two single is former number 1 “Body”, so it’s not facing an immediate challenge either. Once again, she has three singles in the top 10 – “Deja Vu” is at 5, and “Drivers Licence” re-enters at 6. “Re-enters” because of the three-song rule; evidently it was her fourth placed song last week, and the positions are reversed this time. When we last saw it, two weeks ago, it was at number 35, so the release of the parent album has really catapulted it back up the charts – this is its highest position since March, when its nine-week run at number 1 ended. “Sour” also spends a second week at number 1 on the album chart.

7. Arrdee – “Oliver Twist”

He’s a teenage rapper from Brighton, and he featured prominently on the multi-guest remix of “Body” – but he didn’t get a chart credit for that. So this is technically his first hit. The midweeks have it sticking around in the top 10.

12. Måneskin – “I Wanna Be Your Slave”

Now this is interesting. Måneskin are the winners of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s not that unusual for the winning song to chart. In their case, that’s “Zitti e Buoni”, which entered at 17 two weeks ago and has just dropped out of the top 40. But this is… another Måneskin single, which entered last week at 24 and is now climbing. The midweeks have it going into the top ten. It’s an actual hit.

It’s been a long, long time since the Eurovision winner actually had another hit on the back of their contest win. Celine Dion won for Switzerland in 1988, but she didn’t have a UK hit single until 1992, and that was from a Disney soundtrack. For an artist who actually placed a second single in the UK chart on the heels of a contest win, you’re going back to 1981, and Bucks Fizz.

14. Billie Eilish – “Lost Cause”

A fourth single from “Happier Than Ever”, which is due out in July. The previous three singles all made the top 10, though only “Therefore I Am” really had staying power at the top end of the chart. This video is a bit off brand for Billie Eilish, which is doubtless the point; she evidently doesn’t want to keep being a sulky teenager into her twenties. (Which she still hasn’t reached.) Interestingly, the midweeks have it falling to 33, which ain’t great.

15. Calvin Harris featuring Tom Grennan – “By Your Side”

Calvin Harris doesn’t exactly do albums, so much as collect his singles after the fact. This is his highest position since “Giant” reached number 2 in 2019, though to be honest he hasn’t released that much since then – a track called “Over Now” got to number 33 last year, though, and that had the Weeknd on it, so the position must have been a disappointment. This is… underwhelming, to be honest. It doesn’t sound like a generic Calvin Harris track, to be fair – we’re past the period where all his tracks sounded alarmingly similar –  but it doesn’t stand out from the pack either.

21. Tion Wayne – “Wow”

If you’re going to hire a vehicle for your UK rap video, you might as well set your sights high. It’s not like anyone’s going to believe you really own the Lamborghini.

38. Stay Flee Get Lizzy featuring Fredo & Central Cee – “Meant To Be”

This was last week’s highest new entry, entering at 17. It’s clearly not sticking around. It’s second top 40 hit to be credited to “Stay Flee Get Lizzy”, which is not so much an artist as some sort of combined music / fashion project. The person behind it is one Dion Hamilton, but it all sounds a bit DJ Khaled.

40. Roddy Ricch – “Late at Night”

Only his second hit as lead artist, despite “The Box” reaching number 2 last year. He’s had a few guest appearances, though. The video is odd – it starts off entirely normal before randomly turning into a low-budget Michael Jackson pastiche.

43. Fred Again.. featuring The Blessed Madonna – “Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)”

Yes, with two dots. Yes, I know.

This has been hovering outside the top 40 for weeks – it came out at the start of April – but scraped to 36 last week. I know some people really hate it, and I can absolutely see why – it’s sentimental, it treats a DJ having a Zoom call as if it was the “I have a dream” speech, and a lot of people have lost a damn sight more than dancing in the last year. And yet, and yet. Remarkably few records over the last year have really attempted to engage with Covid as subject matter, and this is at least trying to get to grips with the loss of normalcy, and say that the small things matter too. I get that.

It’s the first hit for either of them. Blessed Madonna is a DJ but as near as I can make out her contribution to this record is the sampling of her vocal.

Other climbers:

  • “Save Your Tears” by the Weeknd is now at 4. This is remarkable – it’s been in the top 40 for 22 weeks now, starting at number 34 back in January.
  • “Good Without” by Mimi Webb climbs 10-9, having entered the top ten last week.
  • “Summer 91 (Looking Back)” by Noizu, which entered at 39 a month ago and dropped out of the top 40, re-entered last week and is now at 28. It’s been out since March as well, so perhaps it’s just getting a second wind now that, well, summer is here.

I’m not going to pick up last week’s album new entries – only one of them is still around, anyway. (“Hi”, by Texas, which entered at 3 and is now at 14.) On this week’s chart…

1. Wolf Alice – “Blue Weekend”

Their third album. The first two both reached number 2, so they were in line to get there in the end.

3. James – “All the Colours of You”

That’s their highest position since 2016, though it’s close. “Sit Down” came out in 1989, you know.

5. Lil Baby & Lil Durk – “The Voice of the Heroes”

I’m sure there’s an audience who are interested in this, but it’s not me.

6. Crowded House – “Dreamers are Waiting”

Their first album since 2010, since when they’ve mostly been disbanded. Only two original members of Crowded House remain, but since one of them is songwriter Neil Finn and the two newcomers are his sons, they can get away with it.

18. Billy F Gibbons – “Hardware”

Will this solo album allow the 71-year-old ZZ Top frontman to show us a different side of himself?

Right you are then.

And finally…

19. Rise Against – “Nowhere Generation”

The previous album only got to 38, so they’ll be happy with this – it’s their second highest placing, behind 2014’s “The Black Market”.

Bring on the comments

  1. #21 and #38, I know they are just Youtube preview images, and the videos go in (slightly) different directions, but come on guys. Originality isn’t a crime.

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