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Jul 31

Charts – 30 July 2021

Posted on Saturday, July 31, 2021 by Paul in Music

This week’s designated album-releaser is Dave.

1. Ed Sheeran – “Bad Habits”

Five weeks. It’s past its peak, though.

2. Dave featuring Stormzy – “Clash”
4. Dave – “Verdansk”
6. Dave – “In The Fire”

That’s the maximum three tracks from the new Dave album “We’re All Alone in This Together”, which becomes his second number 1 album. “Clash” was the single, entering at 3 two weeks ago and rebounding now. “In the Fire” has a barrage of uncredited guest verses (which is why it runs to seven minutes), and is built around a fantastic sample from “Have You Been Tried in the Fire” by the Florida Mass Choir. “Verdansk”… leaves me entirely cold.

13. Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow – “Industry Baby”

Lil Nas X’s chart positions are hit and miss – until now it’s been straight in at number 1 or outside the top 20, with nothing in between. This feels like it ought to make the top 10, though – the hook is great, and it feels like a complete song where some of his records have felt like sketches. Jack Harlow’s only previous UK hit was “What’s Poppin”, which got to 25 last year.

“Montero” is still on the chart, at number 30.

17. Anne-Marie & Little Mix – “Kiss My (Uh Oh)”

I’m not sure you can really follow a Lil Nas X video with a song coyly called “Kiss My (Uh Oh)”, but that’s the arbitrariness of the charts for you. This is the final single from Anne-Marie’s second album “Therapy”, which enters at number 2 this week. Little Mix’s main current single, “Heartbreak Anthem”, is still at number 7, and apparently this means they’ve now spent a total of 100 weeks in the top 10.

The single’s good enough, but as a collaboration it doesn’t make much sense – it winds up making Little Mix feel like backing singers.

37. Camila Cabello – “Don’t Go Yet”

Camila Cabello was last in the singles chart in 2019. This is the lead single from her third album, and number 37 is… not good. The lead single from her last album was “Senorita”, which entered at number 2 and spent nine weeks at 1 or 2. The song is okay, though I’m sure her voice has sounded better.

This week’s climbers:

  • We already mentioned “Clash” by Dave featuring Stormzy climbing 8-2.
  • “Talk About” by Rain Radio & DJ Craig Gorman climbs 21-18.
  • “Leave Before You Love Me” by Marshmello & The Jonas Brothers climbs 26-25.
  • “Ain’t Shit” by Doja Cat climbs 29-26. She also has “Kiss Me More” dropping 27-22, and “Need To Know” re-enters after previously spending a week at number 37 in June. I’m not quite sure what’s going on there; it’s had a video the whole time, but it seems to have just been overshadowed by her other records.
  • “You for Me” by Sigala & Rita Ora climbs 37-33

On the album chart, we’ve already mentioned Dave at number 1 and Anne-Marie at 2. Kid Laroi’s “F**k Love” re-enters at 6 after being reissued with additional material. “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse climbs 36-7 on the back of publicity surrounding the tenth anniversary of her death.

13. Paul McCartney – “McCartney III Imagined”

It’s an album of remixes of “McCartney III”, which reached number 1. So the original of “Find My Way” was a quite enjoyable piece of guitar pop, and now it’s a funk track by Beck. Which turns out to work surprisingly well.

22. The Stone Roses – “The Stone Roses”

It’s only been ten months since the last time this album charted, presumably on the basis that it was discounted somewhere for a week. Anyway, it’s here this time because of a vinyl reissue for the HMV centenary celebrations. (Though it wasn’t released on HMV, so…. oh, whatever.)

A vinyl reissue also accounts for the appearance at number 27 of “Plastic Hearts” by Miley Cyrus, which dropped out of the top 40 in February.

35. Jackson Browne – “Downhill From Everywhere” 

His first album in seven years; the previous one got to 31, so not much has changed.

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