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Aug 7

Charts – 6 August 2021

Posted on Saturday, August 7, 2021 by Paul in Music

This is one of those weeks when everyone gets out of the way of a major album release, so we get a quiet chart. But first!

1. Ed Sheeran – “Bad Habits”

I still don’t think much of this, but Britain evidently disagrees. That’s six weeks at number 1.

7. Billie Eilish – “Happier Than Ever”
28. Billie Eilish – “Getting Older”
32. Billie Eilish – “Oxytocin”

The album “Happier Than Ever” enters at number 1, giving her a second number 1 album. Predictably, it maxes out its three-song allocation. The earlier singles from this album have performed patchily – “Therefore I Am” and “Your Power” both made the top 5, but “Lost Cause” and “NDA” missed the top 10 and vanished quickly.

“Happier Than Ever” is an official single. Nonetheless, it’s the sort of track you record as an album centrepiece and wouldn’t even consider releasing as a single, since it’s five minutes long and takes so long to kick into high gear that it’ll test the patience of most radio stations. As a top ten hit, it’s a delightful oddity. “Getting Older” is a travails-of-fame ballad which she’s done as a live track in promotion. “Oxytocin” is the upbeat one, at least within the parameters of Billie Eilish.

Normally I’d double back here to cover the over new entries on the top 40. But there aren’t any. It’s nothing but Billie Eilish, so far as new entries in the top 34 is concerned.

35. PinkPantheress – “Pain”

It’s one and a half minutes long, and the last half minute is an extended fade. Yes, it’s another one from our good friends at TikTok, giving bedroom producer PinkPantheress her first hit. The sample, of course, is “Flowers” by Sweet Female Attitude (number 2 in 2000).

38. Skepta featuring J Balvin – “Nirvana”

This is the lead single from a five-track EP called “All In”, and I’m not quite sure who it’s aimed at. The Spanish vibes say “bid for chart success”, the entire verse in Spanish says “but not in this country”.

39. Sleepy Hallow – “2055”

Another chart debut, a few months after the single came out – again, TikTok seems to have a hand in this one. He’s a New York rapper, Jamaican by birth.

This week’s climbers are… not notable.

  • “Black Magic” by Jonasu climbs 5-3.
  • “Remember” by Becky Hill & David Guetta climbs 10-7.
  • “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow climbs 13-11.
  • “Talk About” by Rain Radio & DJ Craig Gorman climbs 18-17, so it’s levelling out after a strong initial climb.
  • “Need to Know” by Doja Cat climbs 29-22.
  • “Leave Before You Love Me” by Marshmello & The Jonas Brothers climbs 25-24.
  • “You For Me” by Sigala & Rita Ora climbs 33-29.

On the album chart, Billie Eilish is number 1, as mentioned.

5. Prince – “Welcome 2 America”

A previously-unreleased album recorded back in 2010. Quite why it was shelved – even after promotion had started – is a little obscure. The reviews indicate that it’s not his best work, but certainly holds up respectably with the material he was releasing at that stage in his career. As an actual completed and unreleased album, it’s one of the more defensible posthumous releases.

8. Unknown T – “Adolescence”

His second album chart appearance (this is technically a mixtape), and his first in the top ten.

13. Creeper – “American Noir”

A technical appearance on the album chart, this is actually an EP that falls just short of 20 minutes. It’s their third album chart appearance, after “Sex Death & The Infinite Void” reached number 5 last year. Didn’t these guys used to be goth? They’ve gone a bit 80s retro.

26. Kyle Falconer – “No Love Songs for Laura”

Kyle Falconer is the lead singer of the View; his previous solo album, 2018’s “No Thank You”, reached number 40, making this a big improvement. The single’s a bit Maroon 5, to be honest.

27. The Overtones – “10”

The Overtones are a vocal harmony group celebrating ten years of activity; their first four albums made the top 10, but they’re still doing respectably enough. Their Wikipedia page has some of the most blatant cutting and pasting from a press release that I’ve ever seen, and evidently flies beneath the radar of regular editors.

31. Big Big Train – “Common Ground”

Prog. It’s their thirteenth studio album, but only the second to make the top 40 (following its predecessor, which got to 35).

37. Erasure – “The Neon Remixed”

Remixes of tracks from last year’s album “The Neon”, which entered at number 4 (and dropped straight out of the top 40 the next week).

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