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Oct 22

Charts – 22 October 2021

Posted on Friday, October 22, 2021 by Paul in Music

Now this is something different.

1. Adele – “Easy On Me”
25. Adele – “When We Were Young”
34. Adele – “Someone Like You”

Adele hasn’t released anything since 2016, and her last single, “Water Under the Bridge”, reached number 39. Admittedly, it wasn’t exactly heavily promoted. Still – five years is a long time, and you could be forgiven for thinking that fourteen years into her career, Adele might become an elder statesman on the album chart.

Quite the opposite. A new Adele single, it turns out, is huge. The previous weekly streaming record was 16.9 million; “Easy On Me” shatters it, at 24 million. The other two Adele singles in the chart aren’t B-sides or tracks from the album (which isn’t out yet). People have just been inspired to go out and listen to her back catalogue. They aren’t the obvious choices, either – “Someone Like You” was a number 1 in 2011, but “When We Were Young” wasn’t one of her biggest hits; it got to number 9 in 2015.

24. Coldplay & Selena Gomez – “Let Somebody Go”

This is technically an album track from their album “Music of the Spheres”, but it’s one they’ve been promoting on TV. The album enters at number 1, giving them a clean sweep of number 1s with all nine of their studio albums. They have placed further down the album chart with live albums and the like, but it’s the studio albums we really care about. This one is the fastest-selling album of the year to date.

The official single, “My Universe” (with BTS), rebounds 15-5 this week, and their maximum three singles chart places are completed by “Higher Power” re-entering at 26 – it peaked at 12 in May.

And that’s it for entries on the singles chart. The climbers…

  • “That’s What I Want” by Lil Nas X climbs 11-10, to become his fourth top ten hit. (“Industry Baby” drops from 7 to 22 this week, which I assume means that downweighting has kicked in on it.)
  • “Woman” by Doja Cat climbs to 13 after spending an improbable five weeks at number 14.
  • “Better Days” by Dermot Kennedy climbs 24-16.
  • “Meet Me At Our Spot” by The Anxiety (Willow & Tyler Cole) climbs 19-17. This isn’t the single Willow’s trying to promote at the moment, though they’ve made a live video for YouTube anyway.
  • “Drive” by Clean Bandit & Topic featuring Wes Nelson climbs 38-28, after nine weeks hovering between 33 and 40. If it’s going to become a big hit, it’s taking its sweet time, but it’s not going away either.
  • “Tell Me Something Good” by Ewan McVicar climbs 34-30. It still doesn’t have a proper video, but it does have quite a good lyric video.

Surely we’re overdue a wave of new entries to clear out some of this dead wood. The singles chart is really getting clogged up.

On the album chart, I’ve already covered Coldplay at 1.

2. The Beatles – “Let It Be”

Originally a number 1 in 1970, this has been re-released in a five-disc “Super Deluxe” version to tie in with the promotion of the Get Back film on Disney+.

4. Daniel O’Donnell – “60”

The veteran Irish light entertainer is some way removed even from the rest of the album chart, except perhaps for late-period Cliff Richard albums. But he holds a staggering record for getting a record into the album chart in (as of now) 33 consecutive years.

Daniel O’Donnell doesn’t always bother making videos, but this time he’s chosen to give us the full O’Donnell experience. He is forever, and unrelenting.

5. Joy Crookes – “Skin”

She’s from London and it’s her debut album, though she’s been releasing EPs since 2017. She was nominated for a Rising Star award at last year’s Brits, and she’s had four number ones on the specialist Asian Music Chart. The single above is really good.

8. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – “Sticky”

Their fourth album; three of them have placed in the top 10. This one’s worth a play too.

11. The Charlatans – “A Head Full Of Ideas”

It’s a live album packaged with a box set of 7″ singles, basically. Officially, the Charlatans are still active, but they don’t seem to have done much since 2017. Mind you, there’s been a pandemic on.

12. Lovejoy – “Pebble Brain”

Lovejoy is the band of YouTube/Twitch streamer Wilbur Soot. He started making Minecraft videos, and doubtless the Twitch following helps shift records, but the single’s pretty decent on its own merits. Officially, this isn’t an album, it’s an EP that happens to qualify for the album chart.

20. Pinkpantheress – “To Hell With It”

Debut album. The track above reached number 27 on the singles chart (and has since been sampled by Central Cee for his current top 10 hit “Obsessed With You”) but it didn’t have a video the last time I covered it. So here it is.

22. Young Thug – “Punk”

His second studio album; the first was 2019’s “So Much Fun”, which reached number 9. So this comes in some way below.

23. Kylie Minogue – “Fever”

Originally number 1 for two weeks in 2001; it’s a deluxe 20th anniversary reissue, of course. It’s the one with “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” on it, but “Come Into My World””s got a Michel Gondry video.

31. Ferocious Dog – “The Hope”

Folk-rock. It’s their seventh album but the first one even to make the top 100.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Easy on Me is pretty good though so far I’d say it’s the least of her three most recent lead singles.

  2. Josie says:

    You linked the video of Joy Crookes’ “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” instead of “Skin,” but I’m really digging the ’60s pop aesthetic.

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