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Jul 9

Charts – 8 July 2022

Posted on Saturday, July 9, 2022 by Paul in Music

I called last week’s singles chart the least interesting of the year. Little did I know.

1. LF System – “Afraid To Feel”

But first, the new number one. This is in its fifth week on top 40, and belatedly has a proper video – kind of. It’s one of the cheapest videos I can remember seeing at the top end of the singles chart in quite a few years and I assume it was a bit of a rush job.

Edinburgh’s LF System add themselves to the one-hit wonder list with what’s effectively a remix of Silk’s “I Can’t Stop (Turning You On)” – I’m still not entirely clear whether the commercial release uses a sample or a re-creation, but either way, it’s a record that makes obvious sense as the highlight of a DJ set. And the tempo changes certainly make it stand out. Presumably we can look forward to attempts to re-promote some of LF System’s other singles, such as “Dancing Cliché”.

So, for this week’s highest new entry, we go all the way down to…. [reads through list]… oh, there aren’t any. At all.

This week’s climbers:

  • “21 Reasons” by Nathan Dawe featuring Ella Henderson climbs 13-10. That’s Nathan Dawe’s second top ten hit, following “Lighter” two years ago.
  • “Last Last” by Burna Boy climbs 22-12, one of two significant climbs on this list.
  • “I Ain’t Worried” by OneRepublic climbs 24-21.
  • “Vegas” by Doja Cat climbs 35-27.
  • “No Excuses” by Bru-C climbs 40-28. That’s the other significant climb.

And, er, that’s it. “In the Stars” by Benson Boone, which dropped out of the top 40 last week, re-enters at number 40 – so we do have one record dropping out of the top 40. It’s “Sticky” by Drake, an album track which got a week at number 30.

The album chart is a little bit more active.

1. Paolo Nutini – “Last Night in the Bittersweet”

It’s been eight years since the last Paolo Nutini album and he still gets a third consecutive number one. No idea what he’s been doing in the meantime – he doesn’t seem to have toured for several years either, even before the pandemic.

4. Shinedown – “Planet Zero”

US rock. It’s their seventh studio album, only the fourth to chart in the UK – but they’ve been doing better each time. Its predecessor, 2018’s “Attention Attention”, got to number 8 and was their first top 10 album. Now we’re in the top 5.

8. UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro – “Unprecedented”

The uninitiated may be wondering how Ali Campbell and Astro, who are members of UB40, can feature on a UB40 album. Well, this is a splinter version of UB40 created by former members, and the “featuring” credit is intended to make clear that it’s their version of UB40. Their previous album – as “UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey” – got to number 2. There was litigation about this back in 2016 which seems never to have resulted in a final judgment – presumably it settled out of court.

37. Pak-Man – “Big Pakachino”

Debut album. He’s an English rapper.

39. Nick Cave – “Seven Psalms”

If that sounds bizarrely low for a Nick Cave album, well, it’s a short spoken word album with incidental music.

Bring on the comments

  1. Ryan T says:

    What happened with Kate Bush? I know she got doenweighted but did she land at #2?

  2. James O says:

    Stranger Things watch, Kate Bush is at 3, Metallica’s Master of Puppets is at 47.

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