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Jan 9

House to Astonish – Slight Delay

Posted on Saturday, January 9, 2010 by Al in Uncategorized

Sorry to say, folks, but due to the non-delivery of comics in the UK this week due to the snow, we don’t have anything we can review. We’ve decided to move the next instalment of the podcast back to next Saturday, so stay tuned (and hope the weather clears up a bit).

Bring on the comments

  1. Reboot says:

    Strangely enough, the Glasgow Forbidden Planet had everything in on Thursday as normal. Wonder how they wangled that.

  2. Delpire says:

    A little snow and the world is thrown in disarray. What would the Russians say?

    Anyway mine arrived at my LCS in time, Orc Stain #1 was very interesting, but raised a lot of questions, the art (and colouring) was astonishing. Also: 32 storypages for 2.99

  3. Ken B. says:

    You could basically review Siege by accumulated pages from the preview, CBR, and Scans Daily.

    Really, there’s nothing in it.

  4. You could borrow Paul’s copy.

    Or go to the pub and do something fun with your Saturday night.

    Life is full of tough choices, for us comics reviewers.

  5. Tom Shapira says:

    But… but how am I to pass the 40-50 minutes (pending traffic lights) ride to my university?
    Oh well… I guess i’ll be forced to listen to some actual music on my ‘mobile music player.’

  6. Jim Lard says:

    This would never happen if you just downloaded your comics illegally like normal internet fans, lol.

    NOT that I do that myself, of course…

  7. odessa steps magazine says:

    first, it cancels football matches.

    now, comics reviews podcasts.


  8. Heroes is back tonight, apparently

    What comics will they homage ThIs series?!?!


  9. Ralph Burns says:

    Darn that snow!

  10. Taibak says:

    Dare I ask how much snow?

  11. D. says:

    From Wisconsin, I must ask, how much snow does it take to shut down Britain?

  12. Mammalian Verisimilitude says:

    > From Wisconsin, I must ask, how much snow does it take to shut down Britain?

    The fact that no Briton’s replied to give you a figure should give you a clue…

  13. Chris McFeely says:

    Matthew said: “Heroes is back tonight, apparently… What comics will they homage ThIs series?!?!”


  14. Holy crap, you weren’t joking.


  15. LeoCrow says:

    Well, i hope the weather is better by Valentine’s day (that’s when i will be in the uk for a week).
    I took a week’s leave for that trip so i hope it will not be in vain

  16. LiamK says:

    > From Wisconsin, I must ask, how much snow does it take to shut down Britain?

    To be fair, we can’t cope with it because we’re not used to it. You live in Russia, then you plan for it to be freezing and full of snow for several months of the year. You live in Manchester, then spending money just in case we get a completely out-of-character two weeks of heavy snow would normally be madness.

    (Sorry, but I’m getting annoyed at the layman “how comes Russia and Canada can cope with it but we can’t”. For the same reason that Californian buildings are probably better at withstanding earthquakes than ours.)

  17. Taibak says:

    Liam: It’s not that we’re wondering how the UK can’t cope with it, it’s more that we’re amused by the difficulties and feeling slightly proud of ourselves for handling it. It was the same thing when I moved from Maine to St. Louis. In Maine, we got our first snow in November (sometimes by Halloween) and our last in March or April. In St. Louis, people thought I was nuts for driving when there was a few millimeters of snow on the road. And with the way St. Louis natives were skidding trying to deal with it, I probably was nuts for trying to dodge them.

  18. LiamK says:

    Oh, I wasn’t having a go. It’s just been said over and over again by annoying people at work and it’s driving me up the wall.

  19. odessa steps magazine says:

    maybe waiting a week has turned out to be fortuitous.

    Now you can discuss “Brightest Day” and the rebooting of the Spider-man movies.

  20. Jim Lard says:

    The problem I have with this is it seems to happen every year; we get a bit of heavy snow, it hangs around for a week or two, the whole country grinds to a halt, we get news stories about how there isn’t enough gritting salt… A year later and the same “unprecedented” appearance of snow in january causes exactly the same effects. It’s depressing. Someone somwehere should be planning for this.

  21. Chris McFeely says:

    Well, come on, now, the snow HAS been absolutely insane this year, and prolonged in a way that I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

  22. LiamK says:

    I agree. Where I live in Liverpool we’ve been lucky to get snow on the ground for one, maybe two days, and it’s always gone within a day.

    It’s also not the snow, so much as the ice that’s caused the problem. In previous years, it’s actually been a bit warmer when the snow has fallen and so it’s usually melted within a couple of days. This year, the roads between my house and work hadn’t seen any snow for a week, and all that had fallen was still there because it’s been absolutely freezing.

    (Note, this is not a good time to get your roof replaced.)

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